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Breaking: Katie Emma Corrigan Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Katie Emma Corrigan

Katie Emma Corrigan Wiki

             Katie Emma Corrigan Biography

Katie Emma Corrigan, a 38-year-old mother of two, was addicted to the pain reliever and was eliminated in 2018 after falsifying prescriptions for additional medications.

She was found dead in her home in St Erth, Cornwall, on August 9 of last year with fatal levels of the painkiller in her system.

A medical examiner concluded that she died related to drugs and vowed to write a rare report on Future Death Prevention to highlight the dangers of buying prescription drugs online.

Truro Coroner’s Court heard how Ms. Corrigan was able to exploit a loophole in her GP’s office to obtain additional medications and counterfeit prescriptions at work, leading to her being fired as a nurse.

Katie Emma Corrigan

Katie Emma Corrigan was 38 year old.

Mrs Corrigan was able to request repeat prescriptions early, her GP Tamara Curnow said.

Katie Emma Corrigan, 38, was found dead at her home in St Erth, Cornwall, on August 9 last year with fatal levels of the drug in her system.

After doctors identified the loophole, Ms. Corrigan found a way to get prescription drugs online.

The loophole that led to Ms Corrigan being over-prescribed the medication from her GP has since closed and the coroner said surgery was not the culprit in her death.

Coroner Andrew Cox said he was concerned that Ms Corrigan could access codeine online and other prescription drugs online despite not receiving a prescription from her GP since April 2018.

Mr Cox said: ‘No one has explained to me satisfactorily or at all where that comes from.

“My strong suspicion is that it came from somewhere online, but today we have not been able to explore how Ms. Corrigan was still able to obtain that medication.

“Assuming these online pharmacies are based in England or Wales, it seems to me that this is an issue that concerns me and that I need to explore further.”

Mrs Taylor said:

“She had suffered from depression and anxiety for some time and at some point developed a [drug] dependency.”

She said her daughter had neck problems and was prescribed tablets to help control the pain.

Ms. Taylor said, “She was in a controlling marriage, she had two kids to take care of, two jobs to fix, and I think her depression got worse.”

Ms. Corrigan was also the victim of a serious s*xual assault while she was working as a nurse at West Cornwall Hospital in Penzance, according to the investigation.

Mrs Corrigan then got a job as a practice nurse in Penzance

Ms. Corrigan later got a job as a practical nurse at Penzance, so she was “absolutely excited”, but it was difficult for her and completely different than what she was used to.

This was at The Morrab Surgery, where she used her mentor’s username and password to falsify prescriptions.

It came to light that she was trying to transport various pills, and as a result, the Nursing and Midwifery Council discarded her.

In October 2018, Ms. Corrigan appeared in Truro Crown Court and was found guilty of two counts of fraud and one county of forgery.

She received a 10-month prison sentence, suspended for 18 months.

Ms Taylor said: ‘She was devastated by this. Her whole career, all the work she worked so hard for, then her husband was basically training to be in the fire service and she met someone else.

“ She told Katie that she was having an affair on Christmas Eve 2017 and that she had to pretend that everything was fine for the kids on Christmas day. ”

According to Ms. Taylor, it was Ms. Corrigan’s husband who reported to the police that he was falsifying prescriptions and had been through a “traumatic divorce” for the past three years.

He said her daughter continued to take the medication, which caused a protection problem when she was caring for the children.

Ms Taylor said: ‘She had the kids at the time. The children did not go to school, so she contacted her ex-husband and her partner came to pick up the children and a safeguard issue was raised. After that, she felt very bad.

Ms. Corrigan’s husband received primary care for the children and she could only see them when she was supervised by her parents.

However, when the lockdown began, Ms. Corrigan’s husband refused access to the children for five weeks, because Ms. Taylor was still working as a nurse and was unable to supervise visits.

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