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Who is Katherine Watkins?(Portland teacher says colleagues who don’t want to teach critical race theory are like PEDOPHILES and warns ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Katherine Watkins

Katherine Watkins Wiki

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Who is Katherine Watkins?

An Oregon high school teacher was exposed by irate parents after comparing her colleagues to pedophiles and warning them that they would be fired if they refused to teach critical race theory.

Katherine Watkins, an eighth-grade humanities teacher at Cedar Park Middle School in Beaverton, Portland, told her colleagues during a Zoom ‘equity conference’ that if ‘they were going to keep those old views of colonialism, it would lead to being laid off ‘. .

Watkins also compared teachers who “do racist things” to pedophiles, during an inflammatory statement that her colleagues were forced to listen to.

She said: ‘If you are not evolving into an anti-racist educator, you are becoming obsolete in this field of the profession.

Our district is only getting darker and darker with our kids, and so obviously you can’t change your melanin, okay? But you can change your mind, so that it can work in a district that is full of BIPOC children (black, indigenous, of color).

So if you resist, I get it, but eventually you will have to come out.

Because if you stick with those old views of colonialism, you will be fired because you will hurt our children, a trauma.

‘And so while we fire teachers who sexually abuse our children, we will fire teachers who do racist things to our children and traumatize them.’wikipedia

How old is Katherine Watkins?

She is unknown age .

Teachers at Cedar Park Middle School in Beaverton, Portland, above, had to attend the $5,500 ‘equity summit’

“So while we fire teachers who sexually abuse our children, we will fire teachers who do racist things to our children and traumatize them.”

Watkin made the remarks on February 10 during a virtual teacher conference in the Beaverton School District, called the ‘Equity ABAR (Anti-Racist Anti-Bias) Summit: If Not You, Then Who?’

The Beaverton School District said the summit cost $ 5,500 to host, and was required for all licensed staff and encouraged for classified staff.

A video of Zoom’s private conference came to light in late April when a group called Parents Defending Action (PDE) leaked it to YouTube. It was shared on Twitter last week and quickly went viral.

The struggle for critical race theory in schools has intensified in the United States over the past year.

The theory has sparked fierce debate across the country in the wake of Black Lives Matter protests across the country over the past year and the introduction of Project 1619.

Project 1619, which was published by the New York Times in 2019 to commemorate 400 years since the first enslaved Africans arrived on American shores, reframes American history by “ placing the consequences of slavery and the contributions of Americans Blacks in the Central America Narrative ‘.

The debate around critical race theory addresses concerns that some children are indoctrinated into thinking that whites are inherently racist or sexist.

Opponents of critical race theory have argued that it reduces people to the categories of “privileged” or “oppressed” based on the color of their skin.

Supporters, however, say the theory is vital to eliminating racism because it examines the ways in which race influences American politics, culture and laws.

Asra Nomani, a former Georgetown teacher who has spoken out against CRT, told Fox News that “fairness warriors” were besieging schools like Cedar Park.

Teachers and staff who describe themselves as “warriors of fairness” harass their colleagues until they submit to the new ideological indoctrination of critical race theory, the controversial philosophy that analyzes all social problems through a racial lens and pits people against each other. It’s dangerous and destructive. ‘

A spokeswoman for the Beaverton school district declined to comment when contacted by DailyMail.com, although recent district elections saw an anti-CRT candidate defeated by liberal competitors.

But in previous comments to the media, the Beaverton School District distanced itself from Watkins and defended her.

The district’s own website boasts of its ‘Culturally Relevant Teaching’, which seems to share many of the same ideals as critical race theory.

A social media account belonging to Watkins showed her posing under a Black Lives Matter sign with a clenched fist, inviting people to send their money through the digital payment apps Cash App, PayPal and Venmo.

It is unclear why she was requesting donations or what they would go towards.

Watkins’ Linkedin profile shows that she graduated from the University of Idaho in 1998 with a BA in English.

After working for high schools in Yuma, Arizona and Scappoose, Oregon, she began working for the Beaverton School District in August 2004.

Watkins has also completed a master’s degree in education and creative writing.

Groups of parents, educators and commentators criticized Watkins’ comments on social media.

James Lindsay wrote: ‘This video is a perfect example of why we must begin to reclaim the education of these racists and manipulators called’ anti-racists’ who abuse our children to further their political agenda. Beaverton, Oregon, is out of control. Amazing.’

Allie Beth Stuckey said: “This type of mind virus is very contagious and deadly. The best known remedy is to get your children out of public schools immediately. “wikipedia

Greg Bates wrote:

Greg Bates wrote: ‘This eighth grade teacher in Beaverton Oregon is comparing anti-racism to children who abuse sexuality if he is not teaching them the critical race theory of BS. And America wants to know what happens to children today. What’s wrong with IDIOTS teaching like ‘.

Dave Reaboi said, “If America had 1/10 the number of teachers, we would be much better off.”

Another Twitter user said: ‘Katherine Watkins from the Beaverton School District near Portland, Oregon is just a symptom. The entire district is filled with these critical users of racial theory pronouns led by Beaverton Superintendent Don Grotting.

Beaverton School District Public Communications Officer Shellie Bailey-Shah defended her comments in a statement to Newsweek.

“Over the past year, institutions have been asked to reassess their role in perpetuating implicit bias and systemic racism,” Bailey-Shah said.

‘The Beaverton School District is no exception. It is our responsibility to identify and change unfair practices that harm our students and staff of color, ”she said.

“In the comments, we heard Ms. Watkins express her expectation that all of our educators genuinely engage in anti-bias and anti-racist work for the benefit of our students,” she added.


The comments appear to contradict an earlier statement the school district made to Fox News, in which a spokeswoman distanced the district from Watkins’s comments.

‘Katherine Watkins is not speaking on behalf of the Beaverton School District. All dismissal or disciplinary procedures are governed by state statutes and our collective bargaining agreements with our unions, the Beaverton Education Association (BEA) and the Oregon School Employees Association (OSEA). ‘

The district confirmed that the district-wide summit was necessary for all licensed staff, encouraged for classified staff, and cost approximately $ 5,500.

The Beaverton school district held elections in May, with candidates fiercely divided along ideological lines.

Conservative challenger Jeanette Schade built on a ‘Kids on Politics’ catchphrase and campaigned for the removal of lesson plans on sexual orientation and gender identity, KGW8.com reported.

Schade also said that she wanted to end the critical theory of race in schools and criticized the controversial teaching method in online publications.

She received $ 1,000 from a group called Free Oregon founded by Ben Edtl, who said he had been horrified to learn what his children were being taught after listening to virtual lessons during the pandemic.

Edtl described hearing a teacher tell children during an online art lesson to draw themselves “while identifying.”

“It was in the context of” If you are a child, you can draw a short hair or a hat. If you are a girl, a ponytail or whatever you identify yourself, “she told KGW8.

‘And I thought’ Wow, that’s weird. They are first graders. ‘

May elections by liberal incumbent Susan Greenberg

Schade was defeated in the May elections by liberal incumbent Susan Greenberg, who was re-elected along with three new members who are all women of color, KGW8 reported.

When asked by KGW8 about critical race theory last month, a Beaverton school district spokeswoman denied that she was taught in schools.

The school district promotes something called Culturally Relevant Training, which encourages teachers to learn about the ‘historical legacy of oppressions and its impact on the learning’ of their students.

She says the qualities of ‘culturally relevant educators’ include the ‘courage to stop blaming the victims of school failure and admit that schools are designed to replicate the disproportionate outcomes we see today.’

During the Zoom conference on February 10, another Beaverton school district teacher, Stephanie Yelder, said that white educators should be as bold as the rioters on the Capitol on January 6 in their pursuit of anti-racist ideology.

“My dear white people, be as bold as those idiotic, insurgent invaders about storming that Capitol,” says Yelder.

Make this change like them. They’re crazy, but you know what to do, so have the same energy. ‘

Parents Defending Education (PDE) said they had uploaded the videos to YouTube to bring transparency to a matter of great public concern.

He described ‘ABAR’ as the ‘latest buzzword for the’ anti-bias, anti-racism ‘teachings of critical race theory.’

Katherine Watkins Quicks and Facts

Katherine Watkins, a teacher at Cedar Park Middle School in Portland, told her colleagues they would be ‘fired’ if they held ‘old views of colonialism’
Watkins compared teachers who disagree with her views on race to ‘pedophiles’ and said her colleagues must ‘evolve or dissolve’
Her comments were made during a private $ 5,500 ‘equity summit’ that was mandatory for Beaverton School District teachers to attend.
They only came to light after the group Parents Defending Action posted a clip of the conference on YouTube.
A parent group spokesperson said ‘equity warriors’ were besieging schools like Cedar Park and harassing staff to conform
Watkins social media accounts display the Black Lives Matter sign and invite people to donate to their Cash App, PayPal, and Venmo accounts.

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