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Breaking: Katherine Lindley Dodson Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Katherine Lindley Dodson Wiki

      Katherine Lindley Dodson Biography

The pediatrician killed by a doctor at a Texas children’s hospital Tuesday night was identified as Katherine Lindley Dodson, 43.

Dodson was shot and killed Tuesday night at Children’s Medical Group in Austin.

The suspect has been identified as Bharat Narumanchi. He is also dead. She did not work at the hospital and it is unclear how she met Dodson.

She arrived at the hospital at 4:30 p.m. Tuesday with a gun and took Dodson hostage along with several others. The reason for her remains unclear.

For hours, her hostage negotiators pleaded with him over a megaphone not to hurt her or himself. They complimented him and said that he, too, was a doctor who had dedicated his life to helping children.

After about six hours, the police sent a SWAT robot to the room where they were. He found the couple dead.

Since then, her friends have paid tribute to Dodson as a loving wife and mother of three.

Katherine Lindley Dodson, 43, was shot and killed on Tuesday night

A man and a woman embrace as Austin police officers and members of SWAT work the scene late Tuesday

‘A couple of them needed masks so I ran out and grabbed some of the simple masks for them. Everyone was scared, ” Shelley Todd told KAXN.

At one point in the negotiations, the police said he was injured and needed medication.

It is unclear how many hostages were involved and whether they were patients or medical personnel.

Negotiators were heard pleading with the suspect: ‘He doesn’t deserve to go through this, because of everything he’s done for others, so I want to help him get through this.’ You have saved many lives …

“I let you know, doctor, that there is a way to solve this.” I need your help to fix the situation. ‘

The negotiator also told him that his sister was worried about him.

Austin police eventually dispatched a robot, which located a victim before a SWAT team decided to enter.

The SWAT team found two people dead inside, one who “was originally inside the building and one who was not,” police said.

They did not confirm if the alleged assailant was one of the deceased.

Officers were called to the scene around 4.30pm local time Tuesday after receiving a call for a “building disturbance,” according to KVUE.

Initial reports had said that the kidnapper had entered the medical center and taken several people captive, but that they were able to escape.

A witness who works at the neighboring dental clinic told the local broadcaster how she and her colleagues had locked the windows and doors.

‘A whole group of people next door had broken free. I guess they escaped through the back door, that’s what they said, ” the woman said.

She said they opened the doors so that the pediatric center staff could take shelter.

‘And I just opened the door and said, “Come here, come here, come here.”

So, they walked in and they were obviously panicking, crying like, very upset. So the three girls at the reception had a gun, waved them in the face and told them to lock the doors, ” the witness said.

The situation then turned into a confrontation between police officers and a kidnapper that lasted until 11 p.m., during which time the authorities repeatedly pleaded with the suspect to surrender.

Witnesses said that everyone inside the office had been taken hostage, but the suspect immediately released three people.

A patient’s father also told Fox News that his doctor was among the captives in the building.

‘When I arrived at the scene, I saw a woman being escorted by the police out of the area with duct tape where she was greeted and hugged by a child. And that’s what we’ve been seeing in the last few hours: several people were taken out and handed over to what we can only assume are loved ones, ” reporter Amanda Ruiz tweeted.

Ruiz said another witness had claimed that the suspect did not work in the office.

Ruiz said another witness had claimed that the suspect did not work in the office.

It is unclear what caused the deaths or who was inside the building, although a negotiator speaking through a loudspeaker said: ‘… I want to help you get through this. You have saved many lives. ‘

I cannot guarantee your safety unless you comply. I let you know, doctor, that there is a way to solve this. I need your help to fix the situation. That starts with you answering the phone, ” the negotiator said, KVUE-TV reporter Tony Plohetski tweeted.

Authorities were heard telling the suspect: ‘Everything that is happening tonight takes nothing away from everything he has accomplished as a doctor.’

In a shared update at 9:30 p.m. local time, authorities said they had not been able to contact the suspect for two hours.

About two hours later, the police issued a statement confirming that a SWAT team had entered the building to find two people dead.

Katherine Lindley Dodson Quicks And Facts

  • Katherine Lindley Dodson, 43, was shot and killed on Tuesday night 
  • She was a pediatrician at the Children’s Medical Group in Austin, Texas 
  • The suspect has been identified as Bharat Narumanchi  
  • He was also a doctor but did not work at the same hospital 
  • On Tuesday, he showed up at 4.30pm with a gun and took her hostage 
  • Others were able to escape and ran for their lives from the hospital 

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