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Breaking: Kasen Donerlson Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Kasen Donerlson Wiki

                        Kasen Donerlson Biography

Kasen Donerlson, who turns 1 on Thursday, contracted the coronavirus while waiting for an organ to become available, her mother Mitayah Donerlson told Syracuse.com.

“It is a complete miracle,” she told the local media outlet.

When Kasen was born in January of last year, she was extremely jaundiced and was not gaining weight. In March 2020, the baby was diagnosed with biliary atresia, when the bile ducts of the liver do not develop properly.

Although Kasen underwent a procedure to try to fix the problem, it did not work. In July, Donerlson was told that her son would need a liver transplant to survive. She was placed on a waiting list and her liver continued to get worse.

But on November 21, Kasen woke up feeling flushed. “Her whole body felt like she was on fire from head to toe,” Donerlson said. She took him to the hospital, where another medical nightmare emerged: He tested positive for COVID-19.

“Being completely honest, I immediately thought of death,” she said. “He was already fighting for his life, and then he gets COVID. My heart just skipped a beat. ”

Luckily, Kasen’s fever broke, and he no longer showed any other COVID symptoms.

On January 2, she received a call that a deceased donor would be a good match for Kasen. She took her family, including her 5-year-old son, to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where Kasen underwent a 9-hour surgery at UPMC Children’s Hospital the next day.

She noticed that when she saw her son for the first time after surgery, her eyes were white, not yellow as before. “There are no signs of rejection. Now we take it day by day, ”Donerlson said. Although he remains in the hospital to be monitored, he is playful and energetic. Donerlson rents an apartment in the area to be close to him.

A GoFundMe to help the family with medical expenses has raised more than $ 15,000 so far.

“It’s a complete miracle,” Donerlson said. “We are so blessed.”


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