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Who is Karl Lutchmayer?(Woman, 32, who stalked concert pianist ex boyfriend after he broke off their six month relationship avoids jail ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Karl Lutchmayer

Karl Lutchmayer Wiki

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Who is Karl Lutchmayer?

Karl Lutchmayer is a British-Goan concert pianist, lecturer and writer. Wikipedia

Karl Lutchmayer, 52, ended his six-month relationship with Emily Bentley-Leek, 32, after it got very ‘intense’ before quickly moving on.

After Bentley-Leek discovered that the critically acclaimed new partner of concert pianist Lutchmayer was watching him perform in a concert hall, he began to send him ‘incoherent messages’.

Mutual friends warned Mr. Lutchmayer that he had an ‘unhealthy obsession’ with his ex-boyfriend.

Initially, the messages suggested that Bentley-Leek would travel to Mr. Lutchmayer’s home to confront him.

She sent photos of herself handcuffed before emailing him her train ticket from Oxford to Marylebone, where he was based on her.

Bentley-Leek told Oxford Crown Court that she felt compelled to stalk her ex by a supernatural force, despite knowing she was wrong, and she had a male voice in her head telling her what to do.

How old is Karl Lutchmayer?

He is 52 year old.

Karl Lutchmayer ended his six-month relationship with Emily Bentley-Leek

Judge Michael Gledhill QC handed him an 18-month suspended sentence. He also established a restraining order to prevent her from contacting the victim and her parents.

Prosecutor Anne-Marie Critchley said: “ On March 5 of last year, a bag was placed on Mr. Lutchmayer’s door with a card and various gifts, such as handcuffs, a mug, a toy elephant, two cakes and a pencil case.

Some of her messages included a photo of a shrine and photos of her naked.

“ She, too, sent video clips of herself in her underwear where she begged him to meet her. ”

Bentley-Leek called Mr. Lutchmayer from different hotels before hanging up the phone.

She even knocked on the door of the house she shared with his new partner before running off, a judge heard.


The harassment escalated when he located the victim’s father in the phone book and visited him in a desperate attempt to meet him.

Bentley-Leek, from Herefordshire, told the court: “I should have known that my actions were going to cause alarm, but it was far from my intention.

Now, of course, I realize, having listened to the messages, that they were a bit hyperactive. They were not sent with aggression but with anxiety and anguish.

‘Obviously the relationship has had a great impact on my life. It was something very important for me, not so much for Karl, and it was sad for me.

‘I had a male voice in my head telling me what to do. I walked into a bar, I saw the word “Bombardier” and I thought he was telling me to bomb, so I sent him 20 questions.

Bentley-Leek told Oxford Crown Court  she felt compelled to stalk her ex by a supernatural force

‘I am so sorry for the effect this has had, I didn’t realize I was on a mission to get the peace I needed.

‘I had no malice, I am a peaceful and compassionate person. My philosophy of life is based on compassion. ‘

Bentley-Leek studied British Politics at Royal Holloway University in London.

She described herself as a ‘passionate writer, tutor and thinker’ online, offering her skills as a content writer and English as a foreign language teacher.

Sitting in the courtroom, Mr. Lutchmayer was the victim along with the defendant’s father, Brad Bentley-Leek, his mother and his best friend.


Bentley-Leek told the judge: ‘There are arrangements for her to return to normal, she has a large circle of loving friends and family.

“It is an emotional situation for the family and I am most sincerely sorry that Karl Lutchmayer had to go through this.

“We promise that we will do everything in our power to ensure that we follow his instructions.”

The judge concluded: “For four months, her behavior towards Karl Lutchmayer caused him great alarm and anguish.

‘You were a very troubled young woman at the time, I am very pleased to know that your family will take you back home and, with the support of family and friends, you will be the person you were before these events.

‘I hope this is the end of these proceedings and that the court will never see it again.

Someone like you should never have been here in the first place. This is the end of the terrible period of your life.

Lutchmayer explained in a victim impact statement how he suffered horrible nightmares and would wake up in the middle of the night in a panic after being bullied by Bentley-Leek for four months.

The 52-year-old explained that the nightmares involved being stalked, caught, chased and attacked.

He sometimes he had to get up and check that the house was still safe.

At the sentencing hearing, Judge Gledhill heard how Mr. Lutchmayer made detailed plans for how he would escape if his stalker came to his home.

The pianist and lecturer packed clothes for a possible quick getaway, kept several phones charged, and even left a pair of shoes by the front door in case of emergency.

Karl Lutchmayer Quicks and Facts

  • Karl Lutchmayer, 52, ended six-month relationship with Emily Bentley-Leek, 32  
  • Bentley-Leek spotted Lutchmayer’s new partner watching him perform 
  • She started sending ‘incoherant messages’ and friends warned of her ‘obsession’
  • Was handed a suspended sentence of 18 months and restraining order enforced

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