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Breaking: Karim Ouali Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Karim Ouali Wiki

                      Karim Ouali Biography

The head of the French refugee search and arrest team said Karim Ouali is “a danger to anyone who comes across something.” Karim Ouali is wanted for the alleged murder of Jean Meyer in 2011.

“He is a danger to anyone he meets,” Jacques Croly, head of the French refugee arrest and search team, told Sky News.

“People who may know must be fully aware of it.”

Crime History

Police say Ouali attacked Mr. Meyer with an ax at the airport traffic control tower, where they both work in Mulhouse, eastern France, causing several injuries.

Ouali “suffered from depression, he was paranoid, even schizophrenic,” Croly said, and a doctor had given Ouali to work at the airport because of his mental health.

After the murder, the police believe that Ouali fled to Switzerland and changed his passport by changing the O in his last name to Q.

“He’s a really smart, really smart guy,” Croly told Sky News. “He sent us a lot of red herrings.”

One of them was sending his cell phone so the police wouldn’t track him down.

From Switzerland he went to Macau and then to Hong Kong.

He was arrested, sentenced and briefly detained in 2014 after local authorities discovered that he had forged his passport and entered the area illegally.

He disappeared in 2016, but in 2018 the French police received anonymous information that he was in the city.

There is “no other evidence that he left Hong Kong.”

He had to hand over his passport to the Hong Kong authorities to be undocumented, “Croly told Sky News.

“He’s a guy who doesn’t belong to organized crime or organized groups, he doesn’t have money to hide, he doesn’t have money hidden anywhere. So he has to rebuild his life in Hong Kong, he has a new wife, a son, probably new ones. friends”. ”

Croly said?

That the French and Hong Kong authorities were very cooperative, but that Ouali was still free.

After trying to stay calm about it, they are now asking for information publicly.

“We have to get the public’s attention to get information on this guy.

“If someone has information about this child, all they have to do is report it to the police or go to the most wanted website in the EU, where we can obtain anonymous information about this child at any time.”

“The bottom line is that the Hong Kong public … is fully aware of how dangerous this child is. We would be devastated if we ever found out that he has been involved in another crime. We may not forgive ourselves “.”

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