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Breaking: Karen Hobbs Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Karen Hobbs Wiki

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The family of a mother of five who died with Covid-19 have shared their latest posts on Facebook expressing their fear that it “ won’t make it. ”

Karen Hobbs, 40, suffered cardiac arrest and died on January 19 in an induced coma, weeks after testing positive for coronavirus.

Known as a ‘beautiful’ and loving mother, Ms. Hobbs, a former EasyJet flight attendant, fell ill with the virus before Christmas and was rushed to the hospital on December 27.

The emotional posts were shared on the same day that Boris Johnson said he was “ deeply regretful ” that the death toll from Covid-19 in the UK officially rose above 100,000.

The Health Department announced the deaths of 1,631 more people today, bringing the total to 100,162, while 20,089 more infections were announced.

Despite being previously “fit and healthy,” Cardiff’s mother’s condition rapidly deteriorated and a decision was made to put her into an induced coma.

Karen Hobbs, left, pictured with her brother Chris, centre, and sister Rachel, right, passed away on January 19. She was admitted to hospital in Cardiff with Covid-19 on December 27 and was placed into a coma on January 2

As someone who rarely left home during the pandemic, it is unclear how she contracted the virus.

Now, his family has spoken out a week after his death to urge people to adhere to the rules of the confinement.

Describing the days before Karen was admitted to the hospital, Rachel Hobbs, Ms. Hobbs’ sister, said: “For the first few days she was home. She basically she couldn’t do anything, she was in bed, she had no energy.

“I thought she was going to collapse from coughing and breathing.

You see it on TV when they’re on oxygen and everything, but it’s different when someone is in front of you doing it.

On January 2, Ms Hobbs said she was being placed in an induced coma and might never see her children again. Unfortunately, the mother of five passed away on January 19

It’s probably the worst thing I’ve ever witnessed in my life.

In a series of disturbing updates, the posts shared by the former cabin crew member on Facebook give a glimpse of life in intensive care after being rushed to University Hospital of Wales.

On December 28, a post reads: ‘Well last night I was sent home from the hospital only to have to call an ambulance because I couldn’t breathe again, so back at the hospital … it’s far from saying that Covid has really kicked me extreme! ‘

A further post two days later adds: ‘The lady on the bed in front of me just died in front of me, from Covid. Poor, poor lady, the nurses worked so hard to get her back, but they couldn’t help her.


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“Let that serve as a warning to anyone who still thinks it’s okay to break the rules.”

On New Year’s Eve, Ms Hobbs described how she was ‘struggling to respond’ to people’s good wishes, adding, ‘I can’t just sit around and text.’

But it wasn’t until an update on January 2 that her sister and her family realized the seriousness of her sister’s condition.

A post shared online by Ms Hobbs said: ‘Being in an [induced] coma and warned that I might not make it, please all pray for me to wake up from this and go home to my children. Terrified is not the word!

Karen Hobbs’ family said they thought she would recover from Covid-19, but her condition deteriorated in hospital at the start of the month.

A week later, Rachel described how she had planned to move in with Ms. Hobbs and their children Dylan, 14, Niamh, 11, Amelia, nine, Sam, eight, and Olivia, four, in order to help the family get back to their home. lifetime. her feet when she was discharged.

In her memory, the intensive care department staff have given each of Ms. Hobbs’s children a handprint and lock of her hair, as well as a keepsake box.

Rachel said: ‘She was in a coma. She seemed peaceful enough, she wouldn’t have known anything about it.

Then the kids came in to see her, they were really upset. There they had a child psychologist who explained it to them.

“ We were stunned. We thought she would come in and she will come out in a few weeks and get better.

She has not sunk it. I didn’t think it would be her, a healthy and fit person. ‘

Rachel added: ‘She didn’t go out, she did her shopping online. In the confinement I used to go and greet the children from the garden or stay outside and she would open the window and I would turn away from her and talk to her through the window.

‘The only other place I would have gone is to school and back, but other than that I’d be home.

‘[People who break the rules], he drives you crazy. My poor sister is gone and she was the most careful person. So you have people who want to or not.

Paying tribute to her ‘funny’ and outspoken sister, Rachel added:

‘She was a real mom. She would sit there and color for hours, play games.

They behave so well, the five of them, that when they finish you wouldn’t know they are there.

‘The youngest really doesn’t understand. His mom was there the whole time.

Her friends said that she had the biggest heart. She was always there for everyone else. Even though she was busy all the time, she always had time for other people. ‘

In the days after Karen’s death, friends created a GoFundMe page to support her children and her father.

So far over £ 7,000 has been raised of a £ 10,000 goal.

Paying tribute on the page, organizer Jemma Greenman said: ‘Karen was one of a kind of hers, and the best friend anyone could wish for. Our bright memories of our time together we will cherish in our hearts forever. We love you Kar ‘.

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