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Who is Kaija Millar? (Pokies mum who abandoned her baby boy in a boiling hot car for five hours with the windows rolled up is jailed for ONLY one year)Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Kaija Millar

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Who is Kaija Millar?

Kaija Millar, 34, pleaded guilty in Victoria County Court to negligence causing serious injury to her then-14-month-old baby Easton.

The court heard that outside temperatures had reached 37.5C at Point Cook in western Melbourne as Millar played bingo and slot machines inside the Brook Hotel.

But on Thursday, Judge Felicity Hampel convicted and jailed the ‘pathetic’ mother for a total of three years, with a minimum of one year, for the latest act of negligence.


Steve Millar and his son Easton, who was left by his own mother cooking in a boiling car

Judge Hampel justified her decision by accepting that Millar was less intelligent than an ordinary person, which had affected her judgement.

“Despite these deficits…you knew you shouldn’t have left your son in that car,” she said.

I’m glad you knew what you were doing was wrong.

Judge Hampel had been scathing about Millar’s “appalling behavior” before sentencing her to a year in prison.

Furthermore, he sympathized with the public scrutiny Millar had endured after committing the shocking crime during the height of the scorching summer of 2020.

“It is unfair and a burden she has had to bear: the abuse and public exposure of wrongdoing that most other wrongdoers are generally able to avoid,” the judge said.

The court heard that Millar once removed the boy from his care because of his dead manners, but they returned him in an act that sentenced the boy to a short life of hardship.

‘His son is now profoundly disabled, he knows it and he knows it was his behavior that caused it. That is a burden that you carry for the rest of your life and it is something that no legal process can change,” Judge Hampel said.

“But I accept that you carry that burden, you carry it heavily and that is a much more significant and profound punishment in some ways than anything my sentencing comments today do.”

The court heard that Millar was still holding on to the hope that one day she could be awarded custody of his son again.

However, Judge Hampel emphasized that this was highly unlikely.

In mitigating her sentence, Judge Hampel said that she had accepted Millar’s early guilty plea, the delay in bringing her to justice, and the fact that jail time would be more difficult for her.


The wicked mother had rolled up all the windows and left the air conditioner off while wasting what little money the young family had inside.

For five long hours, baby Easton sat helplessly tied up inside the boiling car before she decided to check on her well-being.

It was too late.

The court heard that Easton’s internal temperature had spiked to 40°C, causing her frail body to suffer kidney failure, deranged her liver, left him blind and severely damaged her brain.

Her body had turned a ‘blue-grey’ hue as Millar pleaded with witnesses not to tell her husband what she had done.

She told an emergency operator that Easton was simply suffering from smoke inhalation from nearby wildfires.

When the confused paramedics arrived, the desperate mother continued to cover up her crime.

She told emergency workers that all the windows had been rolled down and that she had been checking on her baby regularly.

‘I don’t want to go to jail,’ she shrieked.

CCTV footage

CCTV footage captured from the scene would later expose his cruel lies.

Millar continued to feed police misinformation, telling them that he had left the car’s air conditioner on, that it was in the shade, and that he had checked it out.

They were all lies, the court heard.

Crown prosecutor Neill Hutton said Millar had been routinely attending the slots venue in the weeks before his tragic crime.

Ella millar had been unable to pay for her trip, leaving her husband to take care of the couple’s bills.

By then, Millar had already been exposed as a lying cheat, having narrowly escaped conviction for stealing a man’s wallet while working as an Uber driver.

Millar had tried to use her perceived low intelligence

Millar had tried to use her perceived low intelligence to slip away, but was unable to convince the court that she was unfit to stand trial due to mental disability.

Allen said Millar was deeply sorry for her actions and accepted that it was all her fault.

‘I didn’t do this deliberately. I didn’t do this to hurt my son,” Millar told police.

At a previous hearing on the matter, Melbourne Magistrates’ Court was told that Millar remained estranged from Easton’s father, Steve.

At the time, Millar said Easton had only a 50 percent chance of survival.

Millar’s face went viral as she was revealed to be Easton’s mother at the time of the incident and she was shared around the world.

Speaking to the Herald Sun newspaper, Millar said he was “heartbroken and devastated.”

“It’s still touch and go at this point, it’s 50-50 if he’s going to recover,” he said.

“He has shown me some signs, when I’m talking to him you can see his mouth trying to move.”

He said that his parents and his two brothers had been accompanying him to the hospital every day while he held a vigil at the young man’s bed.

Millar said he separated from the girl’s mother as she prepared to face court over the shocking allegations.

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