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Who is Justin Wallace?(boy, 10, killed in double Queens shooting) Wiki, Bio, Age,crime, family, incident details, investigations, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Justin Wallace

Justin Wallace Wiki

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Who is Justin Wallace?

A heartbroken Queens father described in Post Sunday that he cradled his dying 10-year-old son in his arms after the boy was shot with a gun in a fight between neighbors on a driveway.

Justin Wallace age

Albert Wallace, 57, said he took her son Justin Wallace, 10, to her sister’s home on Saturday night in Far Rockaway and that he was in the basement with her when they heard gunshots outside. her.

Wallace ran out of the house on Beach 45th Street and said, “Why is my son lying here?”

“I go up to my son and when I turn him over, I see this pile of blood,” said the father.

“And when I saw the pile of blood, I said, ‘Justin, Justin, are you okay son? Don’t react, don’t react. “”

Wallace, while talking on his shirt, which was still stained with his sixth-grade son’s blood, said he believed the shooting took place over the course of a meat year between his sister’s family and their neighbors on a road. input. Police sources confirmed to the Post the alleged motive for the shooting.

Wallace said his nephew had parked his car in the driveway and was unloading it when a neighbor whose vehicle was parked on the street tried to move it as quickly as possible.

“What happened is that my grandson did not move the car, he unloaded it and the man was shocked,” said the father.

“My grandson came in when the boy came running… and [shot]. My grandson opened the door, my son was at the door and they shot him, ”Wallace said.

His father’s 29-year-old grandson was also shot in the shoulder, but Wallace and law enforcement sources said he should survive.

According to the police, eight 0.9mm round grenades were recovered from the scene.

The dead boy’s father said he was still in awe that a family visit could go so terribly wrong.

“Did you kill my son in the driveway?” said Wallace, whose boyfriend would have celebrated his 11th birthday on Tuesday.

“He ran away immediately after the shooting,” Wallace told the suspect, who is still in the wind.

Wallace said he took his son’s shirt and discovered that the boy had been shot in the abdomen.

“I heard it and felt the harshness when I yelled and said, ‘Call 911! Let her come because I’m a minute from my sister’s house! “He said.

The father said rescuers would be arriving soon to try to save his son, a scene no parent should ever see.

“What hurt me was seeing those EMT guys on my son like he’s dead meat, dead cow,” Wallace said, his eyes filling with tears.

“When they put him in the ambulance, he started pumping his chest, so I knew something was wrong,” he said.

“The anger he had when he was in the hospital! When I see [the baby], I see myself. Not! Not! Not! I know I will have to live with it for the rest of my life.

“I come home, I touch his clothes. … I scream: ‘No!’, I say: ‘Oh my God!’ ”

Dad remembered his son’s last hours and said that the beautiful day started with a fun trip to the beach.

“My nephew called [ed] my son’s cell phone. I say that [we are] on the beach on 13th Street and he says that he will bring his two daughters.

“The pandemic has hit children a lot,” Wallace said.

“Yesterday, playing with his cousins, was the best time for him to swing,” said the father of his son.

“So they want to go to my sister’s house. He says, “Dad, I’m staying an hour.”

“There was a bad atmosphere. I knew I had to go. ”

As for the murderer of his son, “We need justice. I will go to the police to find and capture him, ”Wallace said.

The father said that his son was a “human person” who helped his struggling classmates with his homework.

“My son, you see it, you love it,” Wallace said.

“He’s smart … he likes math, he likes computers, he counts millions. The teachers say he’s a brilliant mathematician.”

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