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Breaking: Justin Bergquist Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Justin Bergquist Wiki

                      Justin Bergquist Biography

Justin Bergquist is making headlines for allegedly breaking into a home in Kylie’s Hidden Hills community in October 2020 before trying a second time, TMZ reports. Kylie Jenner says a man who was recently arrested for robbery in his gated community is clear about it … and she ran to court for protection.

Justin Bergquist Age

Justin Bergquist’s age is unknown.

Jenner filed a restraining order against Bergquist

Kylie sent him directly to court on Friday and filed legal documents seeking a restraining order against a man named Justin Bergquist. Law enforcement sources tell us Bergquist allegedly broke into a home in Kylie’s neighborhood last month, left without taking anything, but came back and tried to break through the doors again.

It’s unclear if Bergquist mistakenly thought the first home he allegedly broke into was Kylie’s … but in any case, he was arrested for burglary and burglary.

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The website reports that Bergquist failed to take anything during the first robbery, and during his second attempt to enter the gated community, security stopped him in his tracks and told officers he was there to see Kylie.

Justin Bergquist charges

Court records show Bergquist was charged with theft, and is due to return to court next month after pleading not guilty in his criminal case.

In 2019, a man was caught loitering around the grounds of Kylie’s $ 12 million Hidden Hills home and snooping around the barbecue area around 5 a.m., possibly looking for a key. When his search proved fruitless, the man fled to the nearby property of Kylie’s sister, Kim Kardashian, and her husband Kanye West.

He finally escaped after breaking into some mailboxes and being discovered for security.




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