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Who is Julie Hambleton?(Birmingham pub bomb campaigner breaks down in tears in court as she stands accused of breaking lockdown rules ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Julie Hambleton

Julie Hambleton Wiki

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Who is Julie Hambleton ?

Julie Hambleton had to receive tissues at Birmingham Magistrates Court after saying she believed giving a short thank you speech to supporters of the rally “ would cause them to disperse. ”

A Birmingham pub bombing activist who is accused of breaking the lockdown to attend a memorial to the victims went bankrupt in court today by denying any wrongdoing.

The activist, whose 18-year-old sister Maxine was killed in the 1974 IRA attack, is on trial with three men accused of participating in a meeting to break Covid-19 rules outside West Police headquarters. Midlands on November 21 of last year.

How old is Julie Hambleton ?

She is 58 year old.

The 58-year-old and other relatives of 21 killed in the 1974 atrocity held a Birmingham convoy

It was the 46th anniversary of two devastating bomb explosions in the city, which claimed the lives of 21 people.

As the leader of the Justice 4 on 21 (J421) group, which has campaigned to bring the perpetrators to justice, Ms. Hambleton was part of a car rally organized to mark the day.

Ms. Hambleton and her co-defendants deny any wrongdoing at the event, which took place in the middle of the second national shutdown when gatherings of “more than two people” were banned.

She, Kevin Gormley, 53, of Beacon Road, Michael Lutwyche, 54, of Hayes Grove, and John Porter of Corner Way, 59, all of Birmingham, are being prosecuted after refusing to pay fixed fine notices.

Prosecutors allege there was a “clear and deliberate” violation of the rules after between 15 and 25 protesters, including the four defendants, got out of their vehicles at the end of the demonstration, in front of the force’s headquarters in Birmingham.

Julie Hambleton, whose 18-year-old sister Maxine was killed in the IRA attack, was charged after refusing to pay fixed fine notices.

Evidence had previously been heard at the trial that the force was aware of the demonstration, officers were present, and at that time had been following a national approach to policing the confinement, namely the four Es; involve, explain, encourage and enforce.

The main organizer of the rally, Mr. Gormley, had contacted the police earlier in the day and told the court what the plan had been that day.

From the witness stand, he said: ‘The intention was to drive up to Lloyd House and make a lot of noise, so they would know we were there and go out onto Weaman Street towards Colmore Circus, disperse and go home, that was always the plan.’ ‘

He said there was never any plan for the activists to abandon their convoy vehicles and that, as a marshal, his job was to encourage people to keep moving.

When giving evidence for the first time, Miss Hambleton was asked why she had gotten out of her vehicle, to give an 80 second speech in front of Lloyd House.

When we stopped, I saw a small group of people gathering together and I thought ‘oh’.

‘So you have to think about your feet.

She added: “We had parked on Weaman Street, the side street from Lloyd House and when I got there I realized there were people there (to support us) who weren’t in the convoy.”

In total, witnesses have told the court that between 15 and 25 people ended up gathering in front of Lloyd House.

Miss Hambleton said: ‘The speech happened, there were people gathered and I thought the only way to try to get them to disperse was by giving a speech thanking everyone for coming and paying their respects.

“That would bring an official ending and it worked, thankfully.”

As she spoke, she began to cry and added: ‘We are very lucky, our fans are incredibly kind, they always behave with dignity and are very respectful and that is why we have such a fantastic reputation; they always behave out of respect for the memory of our loved ones.

It is something our mother appreciates very much.

On the day of the memorial event, hundreds of supporters turned up and took part in a large cavalcade

“Mom is 87 years old and she said that for years nobody cared and now she sees that people care.

And when people meet me, people who maybe I’ve never met before, they are very tactile with me and want to hug me like I need to love. Sorry.’

When asked why, instead of thanking people, she did not encourage them to get back into their vehicles, she replied, ‘I couldn’t do that for half of them as they had made their own way there. They were not part of the convoy.

At one point on the first day of the trial Tuesday, District Judge Shamim Qureshi addressed a West Midlands police officer who gave testimony and contrasted the force’s decision not to fine any of the thousands who attended Canon Hill. City Park in violation of the Rule of Six in March 2021, with the courts.

He asked, ‘I’ll tell you what it looks like … it seems like a bit of an easy target, so was there any need for prosecution in this case?’

Chief Inspector Richard Cox responded: “A decision was made above me that was appropriate, proportionate and necessary.”

The trial continues.

Julie Hambleton Quicks and Facts

  • Julie Hambleton’s 18-year-old sister Maxine was killed in the IRA attack 
  • She and others held a convoy in November to mark the 46th anniversary 
  • Police said she had been in breach of coronavirus regulations at the time 

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