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Breaking: Juan Ivan Granda Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Juan Ivan Granda Wiki

                Juan Ivan Granda  Biography

An 80-year-old woman said she endured months of s*xual abuse at the hands of her former son-in-law, Juan Ivan Granda, 57, in Hialeah, Florida, according to Miami-Dade police.

The octogenarian told her daughter and the police that Granda had been forcing her to perform s*xual acts with him for the past year and that she was afraid to say so because Granda regularly threatened her with violence if she said something, and she didn’t. she wants to hurt her daughter, according to the police report.

The reason Granda was able to rape the old woman so often was that he lived with her even though Granda was separated from his wife, the alleged victim’s daughter, according to the arrest affidavit.

The 80-year-old even told police that Granda had raped her in his car when he was taking her to doctor’s appointments by “s*xually abusing” her and “trying to rape her.”

Granda’s Estranged Wife Found Photos & Videos of the S*x Assaults

In July, Granda’s mother-in-law finally spoke about what she said Granda had been doing to her. According to the police report, he told his daughter how Granda threw her on a bed, pinned her to the bed, and forced her to perform various s*xual acts.
He was too weak and suffered from various ailments due to his age that prevented him from driving Granda away, and he feared that he would comply with the threats he made to her, which are not detailed in the arrest affidavit.

When the eighty-year-old told his daughter what had been going on, the daughter “didn’t believe what she was hearing,” the arrest report says. She confronted Granda, who denied everything.

But the mother told the daughter that Granda had not only repeatedly raped her, but would also take photos and videos on her phone. The daughter, not satisfied with her husband’s refusals, decided to snoop.

It was then that she found photos and videos of the s*xual assaults her mother accused her estranged husband of on both her phone and her mother’s, according to the Miami-Dade Police Department.

Granda Threatened to Kill Himself if the Women Kicked Him Out of the Home Where Police Say he’d Been Raping his 80-Year-Old Mother-in-Law

Once the wife found the photos and videos, she confronted Granda again. This time, the arrest report says that he told him he would kill himself if forced to leave.

While all of this was reported in July, Granda was only arrested on December 1. Heavy requested more information from Miami-Dade police about why an arrest took so long and whether Granda continued to live with the woman he was charged with. assault in the months between July and December.

Miami-Dade police say Granda finally confessed to the continued attacks on the 80-year-old man after his Miranda rights were read to him. He is charged with five counts of s*xual assault against a victim who is physically incapacitated and one count of false incarceration.

Court records show that Granda was released from jail, but is under electrical control or with an ankle monitor under house arrest conditions. He also receives a restraining order, which means that he cannot approach the woman he is accused of raping. Granda does not show any other criminal records in Miami-Dade courts.

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