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Who is Joshua Jerome Derriviere Jacques?(Man held ‘for stabbing his girlfriend to death and also murdering three of her family at their home in Bermondsey had only met them a few days before’) Wiki, Bio, Age,Victims,Family,Suspect, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Joshua Jerome Derriviere Jacques

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Who is Joshua Jerome Derriviere Jacques ?

A man arrested on suspicion of killing his girlfriend and three members of her family had only met them a day ago, it has emerged.

Joshua Jerome Derriviere Jacques, 28, the boyfriend of one of the victims, Samantha Drummonds, was inside the property when police arrived.

He was attacked by officers who found the bodies of Samantha, 29, her mother Tanysha Drummonds, 45, grandmother Dolet Hill, 64, and Dolet’s partner, Denton Burke, 59.


A friend of Samantha’s told the Sun: ‘She just met the family for the first time on Thursday last week.

“They had been friends for a long time, but things changed and Samantha decided to introduce him to her.”

Samantha’s stepfather, Danny Ofori-Akuffo, 62, told the Sun: “I don’t know how I’m going to live without them.”

Despite the best efforts of paramedics, all four were pronounced dead at the scene in Bermondsey, south London, during the early hours of yesterday morning.

Jacques is being treated at nearby Lewisham Hospital and will be questioned by detectives. The alleged cutler was locked inside Dolet and Denton’s three-bedroom home shortly before they died, it was revealed today.


Neighbors heard the victims’ terrifying screams and called police, who broke down the door to find a bloodbath, with bodies sprawled on the ground, and tasered the knife as he tried to escape.

Tanysha’s husband, Danny Ofori-Akuffo, gave the first full account of what happened inside the property.

Speaking exclusively to MailOnline, he said: “Neighbors heard screaming and called the police, who forced their way in when they arrived and found him. He tried to run but was tasered.

One of the bodies was found lying just outside the front door. I don’t know who it was

Dolet locks the door before going to bed and takes the key with her every night so that the attacker cannot escape from the house.

‘Tanysha stayed with Dolet because she was being treated for cancer. I tried to call her a couple of times on Sunday night, but she didn’t answer.

She finally answered at 11:30 p.m. m. and she said that she had fallen asleep on the sofa but that she was now heading for bed. Those were the last words I had with her.

Ofori-Akuffo said Samantha, who was staying with Dolet while her apartment was being redecorated, brought Jacques to Dolet’s home on Saturday.

One of her friends had called her on the phone and heard a man yell ‘I want to go home’ in the background. When asked who he was, she replied ‘he’s just my boyfriend’.

Mr Ofori-Akuffo added: ‘I never met him. And most of the family doesn’t know anything about him. All we know is that he was Samantha’s boyfriend, but how long they had been together I don’t know. I think not much, but I’m sure he lived near her.

He said two police officers knocked on his door around 8 am yesterday and asked if he had seen Samantha.

He said: ‘I gave the officers my wife’s number and told them to call her because she would know before I called Tanysha to warn her that the police were getting in touch but I couldn’t get through.

Then I called her number several times, I called Dolet and then Denton, but nothing. I eventually called Tanysha’s sister Tracey and she did the same but she couldn’t get through.

“Someone had told her that they had seen on the news that three women and a man had been stabbed to death in Bermondsey, so she went to the house to check if everything was okay.

Of course, when she arrived, she found the street blocked off with duct tape and cops everywhere. She spoke to officers on the scene, who took her to Lewisham Police Station.

“She called me around 10 a.m. and she asked me to meet her there. When I got there, they called me to talk to some officers and they told me the terrible truth of what happened.

‘I still can’t believe it. She has not assimilated. We are such a close family, we are always together. We all take care of each other.


A man in his 20s was arrested on suspicion of murder and taken to a police station where he remains in custody. Specialized criminal police are investigating and said they believe the five people knew each other.

A resident heard a woman ‘scream for about five minutes’ and added: ‘It was horrible. I thought someone was holding someone hostage or something, but when I heard the police, the helicopter, the ambulances, I knew it was really serious. I saw about eight or nine police cars, all armed, come out and surround the area.

Police placed a large cordon that included metal grating around Delaford Road as their investigation continued on the street. Four forensic shops were set up outside the £600,000 house in the London Borough of Southwark.

Another neighbor said: ‘I saw a load of policemen jump out of their cars with guns. There were about eight police cars, several ambulances, and some going door to door.

They came to the back garden to make sure our gate was secure. It was around 2 am. We didn’t hear anything else, they just told us to stay inside. My husband said that he swore he heard screaming, screaming, some commotion.

It comes as London Mayor Sadiq Khan continues to face questions about crime rates in the capital, with boxer Amir Khan saying last week he should “stick the finger” after his £72,000 watch was stolen in Leyton.

Scotland Yard opened 79 murder investigations last year related to stabbings, of which 27 were teenagers.

Anne Birkett, 60, a resident of nearby Bermondsey, said: “I was woken up around 1.45am and saw a lot of flashing lights, a lot of police cars and a helicopter. My husband wanted to go out and see what was going on, but I told him to let the police do his job.

‘I didn’t know the family, you say hello and afternoon but I didn’t know them. it’s devastating. There are two primary schools in the area. A lot of people around here have small children and everyone is scared.

Ms Birkett, whose back room overlooks the property where the victims were found, also told the PA news agency: “It’s devastating – you hear all this but you never assume it will be right on your own doorstep.”

“I’m a foster carer and I have children in my care, and now I have to protect them now because of what happened.”

Another neighbor said: ‘I woke up because I could hear the helicopter; At first I had no idea what it was. It’s crazy that something like this would have happened here.

Another local resident who lives two doors down from the house where the incident occurred said he saw ambulances taking victims away in the early hours.

“I saw the bodies come out,” the elderly woman, who did not want to be named, told the PA news agency.

Like other local residents, she said police sirens and the sound of a helicopter woke her up in the night.

The woman, who lives on the corner of Delaford Road and Bramcote Grove, said she knew “him and her”.

Armed police are said to have gone from house to house to make sure neighbors were safe.

Despite efforts by emergency services, all four people were pronounced dead at the scene and officers are now in the process of contacting relatives. Post-mortem examinations will be arranged in due course.

Delaford Road is located in the SE16 postcode area next to South Bermondsey railway station and is also close to Millwall FC’s The New Den ground.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan tweeted: “I am heartbroken that three women and one man have been killed in a devastating incident at an address in Southwark. My thoughts are with the family and friends who have lost loved ones in this horrific crime.

I am in contact with the directorate of the Metropolitan Police. An investigation is underway and a man has been arrested. I urge anyone with information that may be relevant to contact the police immediately.”

Several coroner’s officers were seen entering the fenced off section of Delaford Road.

Joshua Jerome Derriviere Jacques Quick and Facts

  • Dolet Hill was one of four people found dead at a house in Bermondsey, South East London yesterday morning
  • She died with partner Denton Burke, daughter Tanysha Drummonds, granddaughter Samantha Drummonds
  • Joshua Jerome Derriviere Jacques, 28, boyfriend of Samantha Drummonds arrested on suspicion of murder
  • Jacques had only met Samantha’s family days before according to a friend of the former bank manager 
  • Met Police detectives were called at 1.40am, forced entry and found four people with fatal stab injuries 
  • Local resident said that at around 1.30am they heard a woman ‘screaming for about five minutes’

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