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Who is Joseph Ferlazzo?(New Hampshire husband, 41, confesses but pleads guilty to shooting dead his wife, 22, and chopping up her body ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Joseph Ferlazzo to killing his wife Emily,Arrested,Murder,Charged,Shot,Investigation, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Joseph Ferlazzo

Joseph Ferlazzo Wiki

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Who is Joseph Ferlazzo ?

A New Hampshire man confessed to killing his new girlfriend, nearly two decades younger, after an argument on a small bus that had been converted into a space to live and travel, in a case eerily similar to Gabby’s high-profile murder. Petito.

Joseph Ferlazzo, 41, allegedly shot and severed the body of Emily Ferlazzo, 22, in their caravan when the couple traveled to a vacation rental in Bolton, Vermont to celebrate their wedding anniversary, investigators revealed in court. on Wednesday.


Investigators found the couple’s caravan containing human remains and other evidence matching Joseph’s confession on Tuesday shortly after the blonde-haired, blue-eyed newlywed was reported missing on Monday, police said.

According to social media, the couple tied the knot last October after getting engaged the previous month.wikipedia

Ferlazzo appeared in Chittenden County Superior Criminal Court in Burlington, Vermont, on Wednesday via video, where his attorney William Kidney pleaded not guilty despite the confession, according to NBC 10 Boston.


Joseph told police that he and his wife were arguing in their trailer when she started hitting and kicking him before he lay down on the bed. About five to ten minutes after the argument ended, Joseph grabbed a pistol and shot Emily twice in the head, according to the affidavit.

The affidavit reports that he then moved her body to the bathroom and then drove the bus to her friend’s house nearly 60 miles away in St. Albans. Between 12 and 15 hours after Joseph killed his wife, he used a hand saw to dismember her body inside the caravan and put the body parts in garbage bags, he reportedly told police.

Emily was reported missing by her family on Monday around 7:15 p.m., police said.


Her family described her as a happy young woman who liked to sing, but she said they thought her new husband was “evil” and altered Emily’s behavior.

“She was the girl who ran in polka dot pants and a striped shirt, dancing,” her 20-year-old stepmother, Prudy Schwarz, told News 10. “She was always very happy, she loved to sing, she was a good singer.”

But Schwarz said “something was wrong” the first and only time she met Joseph.

I don’t know what I had of him, but we didn’t like her. I said it’s something with her eyes, it looks evil in her eyes. ‘

Their relationship had “a history of domestic violence” according to police, who said Emily had been seen “with scratches and bruises” in the past.

The search for the young woman began and quickly turned tragic.

Joseph was originally reported to have told family members that he last saw Emily on Saturday around 1 p.m. when she got out of her vehicle during an argument and started walking along US Route 2. He claimed he went to a nearby convenience store and couldn’t find his wife along the way when he returned.

The police considered the case ‘suspicious’ from the beginning and reported ‘concerns’ for her well-being. The search soon became a multi-unit case.

Emily’s disappearance was reported

A day after Emily’s disappearance was reported, Vermont police reported that they were unable to find Joseph for questioning, but discovered the couple’s caravan in St. Albans, on the property of one of Joseph’s friends.

Remington, the couple’s medium-sized mixed-breed dog, was initially reported missing as well, but was later found safely with a friend of Joseph’s.

Several hours after police announced that they had not located Joseph, an officer spotted him at a convenience store.

The officer asked Joseph to come to the St. Albans state police headquarters for questioning, where he confessed to killing his wife, police said.

“He sat down and met with some detectives and provided them with a great deal of information,” said Major Dan Trudeau, chief of the Vermont State Police’s criminal division. “The information he provided was that he had killed his wife Emily and said that he had done it in the town of Bolton during the early hours of Saturday morning.”

Following Joseph’s confession, officers ordered a search of the vehicle, which uncovered eight plastic bags filled with human remains, the weapon they believe was used to kill Emily, and the handsaw they believe was used to dismember her. reported the police.


The confessed killer was later arrested on suspicion of murder, police reported.

The human remains will be taken to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Burlington on Wednesday to confirm the identity, cause and manner of death, police said.

Relatives told investigators that the couple had been living in their refurbished bus on Emily’s parents’ property in Northfield, New Hampshire.

Emily was a registered nurse in New Hampshire, but her professional license expired shortly after she married Joseph. Joseph was a registered tattoo artist and body piercer, but her professional license also expired shortly after the marriage.

Murder Charged

“There is still a lot of evidence to recover,” Trudeau said, noting that Joseph’s “admissions” were essential to the case, but “days and days of follow-up on this case” will continue.

If he is convicted of the first degree murder charge, Joseph faces a maximum sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole.

The Ferlazzo case comes as the police continue to search for Brian Laundrie, as he remains the only person interested in the death of his fiancé, Petito, with whom he was traveling around the country in a small van.

Petito was found murdered in a Wyoming national park last month after Laundrie returned to her home from Florida alone on September 1. He remains a fugitive after disappearing on September 17, his parents claim.

Joseph Ferlazzo Quick and Facts

  • Joseph Ferlazzo, 41, has confessed to killing his wife Emily, 22, while traveling in the small bus they converted into a living and traveling space, police said
  • The New Hampshire has been charged with first-degree murder and it scheduled to be arraigned on Wednesday morning in Burlington, Vermont
  • Human remains and other evidence corroborating the alleged confession were found in the couple’s camper, according to police
  • The remains will be sent to the medical examiner to determine an identity, cause and manner of death on Wednesday
  • Emily was reported missing by her family after they learned she had not been seen since getting into an argument with Joseph Saturday afternoon 

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