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Who is Jose Roman Portillo?(Police identify three suspects accused of kidnapping San Jose baby) Wiki, Bio, Age,Arrested,Charged,Suspect, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Jose Roman Portillo

Jose Roman Portillo Wiki

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Who is Jose Roman Portillo ?

Three suspects have been arrested, accused of kidnapping a three-month-old baby while her grandmother was unloading groceries, including a “family friend” who took the woman and baby on errands on the same day.

Brandon Cuellar was abducted from an apartment in San Jose, California, during the day on Monday. The baby was recovered uninjured and healthy Tuesday, according to the San Jose Police Department.

“Baby Brandon has been located,” the department tweeted Tuesday, adding that he would be “taken to a local hospital as a precaution, but was located alive.” They gave no further details about where the boy was found or his condition.

‘Thanks a million to everyone who helped.’


A suspect entered a home in the 1000 block of Elm Street around 1 p.m. Monday and left with the young man. Police released video showing the man walking down the sidewalk holding a baby carrier covered in a white blanket.

Yesenia Guadalupe Ramírez of San José, 43, was detained Monday as a ‘person of interest’ after her statement to police changed several times when she was interviewed.

San Jose Police Spokesman Sgt. Christian Camarillo told reporters Tuesday that he was with Brandon’s grandmother when an unknown man stole the baby.

‘This was a person who was with Grandma yesterday when they went shopping, she was present at the apartment complex when this happened,’ he said. There have been some inconsistencies with what she has told us. Obviously bringing to our attention what she knows about this.

Arrested and Charged

Then, police said, 37-year-old Baldomeo Sandoval of San Jose was identified as another person of interest and interviewed. Both Ramirez and Sandoval were arrested Monday.

The following day, the San José Police Department’s Covert Response Unit, MERGE Unit, and Robbery Unit Detectives conducted a search warrant at the home of the third suspect, José Román Portillo, 28, from San jose.

There they found Brandon, 20 hours after he was reported missing.

“This incident is a parent’s worst nightmare, and we are fortunate to have the best department in the nation that helped bring about a positive outcome. This case once again highlights the dedication and commitment of our women and men who go above and beyond every day to keep our community safe,” said Police Chief Anthony Mata.

At a news conference Wednesday morning, Camarillo said Ramirez was a family friend and that the kidnappers’ motives are still under investigation.

“There is a human component to this incident,” he said, according to ABC7. ‘Mom is very traumatized right now. She needs her space.

The San Jose Police Department did not respond to DailyMail.com’s request for comment.

Camarillo said the baby’s mother was at work at the time and her father is in jail.

‘Dad is currently out of the picture. He is jailed. I don’t know if that will play into this, but obviously we’re going to talk to him soon,” Camarillo said Monday. It is not clear why the father is in jail.


Authorities did not issue an Amber Alert because investigators did not have a description of the vehicle.

In the first hours of the investigation, officers and FBI agents went door-to-door in the neighborhood asking for witnesses or information.

Jose Roman Portillo Quick and Facts

  • Yesenia Guadalupe Ramirez, 43, Jose Roman Portillo, 28, and Baldomeo Sandoval, 37, were arrested in connection to the kidnapping of a San Jose infant 
  • Three-month-old Brandon Cuellar was recovered Tuesday, 20 hours after he was snatched from an apartment while his grandmother unloaded groceries outside
  • Ramirez, who drove the grandmother and infant to run errands earlier in the day, was identified as a person of interest after her story to police changed
  • Police then identified Baldomeo as a suspect, and carried out a search warrant at Jose Roman Portillo’s home the next day
  • Brandon was found there healthy and unharmed, and was taken to an area hospital ‘as a precaution’  
  • San Jose Police spokesman Sgt. Christian Camarillo said that Ramirez was a friend of the infant’s family

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