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Who is John Vandemoer?(Stanford coach fired and convicted in college admissions scandal says he didn’t take a penny for himself and claims athletic director knew $770,000 in bribe money ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Family,Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

John Vandemoer

John Vandemoer Wiki

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Who is John Vandemoer ?

John Vandemoer, 43, was fired from his 11-year job by email as he waited to plead guilty to transferring $ 770,000 in bribes from the brains of Operation William ‘Rick’ Singer to his bosses.

“I’m grouped with everyone else,” Vandemoer told the New York Times in an article published Monday before the launch of his new book, Rigged Justice. The $ 24.99 hardcover is the number one new release in ‘Soccer Bios’ on Amazon.

‘Right now, I’m on Google being painted with the same brush as the coaches who bought houses, took vacations and paid tuition with money. I gave the money to my employer, who is somehow a victim in this. It has been devastating. ‘

Singer charged eager parents $ 25 million over seven years to guarantee their children a place in top schools, often passing them off to coaches as sought-after athletic recruits using bogus resumes, according to federal prosecutors.

How old is John Vandemoer ?

He is 43 year old.

Boston courthouse in June with his wife Molly, served one day in jail and six months of house arrest for transferring $770,000 to Stanford in the scheme

But prosecutors emphasized that Vandemoer never took the money for himself, instead turning it over to a university that lobbied coaches to raise funds for his sport.

Vandemoer classified two students as boating recruits without examining them, but they ultimately decided to go elsewhere and neither student fraudulently entered Stanford with Vandemoer’s help, the Times reports.

“I didn’t know at the time that the resumes weren’t true,” Vandemoer told Good Morning America on Monday.

He met with internal university investigators months after the Operation Varsity Blues allegations came out to seek closure.

“They had many opportunities to say: ‘Here’s an 11-year-old employee, dedicated to students, all the money went to Stanford; We don’t see a lot of malicious intent, so let’s talk about what happened, “” Vandemoer told the newspaper.

“He seems backwards,” he added. “I was part of that development game, but I wasn’t doing personal development, I was doing Stanford development.”

William ‘Rick’ Singer was known by Stanford staff and would show up unannounced at Vandemoer’s office

Stanford eventually found out that Vandemoer was the only coach who agreed to support one of Singer’s clients.

The father of two pleaded guilty to one count of racketeering conspiracy in federal court in Boston on March 12, 2019, in part as a way to avoid getting into debt as prosecutors considered racking up more charges.

“I have this guy telling the whole world and every camera that I am the worst human being in the world,” Vandemoer told GMA.

‘I believe him. I say, “I’m horrible. I should go to jail. I’m a horrible person.”

He served one day in jail and six months of house arrest. He was also sentenced to two years of supervised release and ordered to pay a $ 10,000 fine.

Singer has pleaded guilty to money laundering conspiracy, extortion conspiracy, conspiracy to defraud the United States, and obstruction of justice. He is out on bail of $ 500,000.

Vandemoer, meanwhile, has entered therapy to deal with the shame and anger brought on by the scandal, he says.

In addition to his job, he also lost his university-subsidized housing, the Times reports.

Since then, he has found a job with the small engineering company Water Solutions and teaches young sailors at the Peninsula Youth Sailing Foundation, run by his wife.

Water Solutions founder Glenn Reynolds said of hiring Vandemoer: “My feeling was that this is the story we all hear on the news, but that’s one of the faces.”

Vandemoer, above in June 2019, now works at a small water engineering firm and teaches young sailors at Peninsula Youth Sailing Foundation

Vandemoer responded 40 minutes later that he had contacted a fundraising administrator from the sports department about it.

Thanks John. Thank you for your response, ‘Cohen replied.

“We weren’t involved,” Cohen told the Times of the basketball program. I am not allowed to say anything about anything.

Neither Cohen nor Muir immediately responded to DailyMail.com’s requests for comment.

The potential student was the daughter of a Chinese pharmaceutical executive who paid Singer $ 6.5 million to enter Stanford, and she eventually entered without Vandemoer’s help.

On September 13, the first Operation Varsity Blues trial began when former casino executive Gamal Aziz, 64, and private equity firm founder John Wilson, 62, faced a judge after they were accused of paying bribes as part of the general scheme.

Both deny wrongdoing, saying they believed the money was for college donations, not bribes.

Fifty-seven people have been charged in the investigation since 2019, including actresses Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman, who were among the 46, including 32 wealthy parents, who have since pleaded guilty.

Loughlin of Full House fame completed her two-month prison sentence in December 2020, and Desperate Housewives actress Huffman served 11 days in 2019.

John Vandemoer Quicks and Facts

  • John Vandemoer, 43, was fired from his job after 11 years at the university 
  • He got the sack via email as he waited to plead guilty to racketeering conspiracy
  • Prosecutors stressed that Vandemoer kept none of the $770K in kickbacks
  • ‘I’m lumped in with everybody else,’ he told the New York Times on Monday
  • Athletics Director Bernard Muir was called over by an excited administrator after a $500K check from scandal mastermind Rick Singer, Vandemoer claims 
  • ‘My biggest mistake is perspective. I trusted Rick Singer,’ he told Good Morning America, adding that he didn’t know Singer was forging student resumes 
  • The dad-of-two served six months of house arrest and lost his subsidized home
  • He now works at a small firm that specializes in building drinking water systems

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