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Who is Joe McCann?(Two former paratroopers accused of murdering Official IRA leader in the Troubles are formally ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Facebook.Death, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Joe McCann

Joe McCann Wiki

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Who is Joe McCann?

Joe McCann (November 2, 1947 – April 15, 1972) was an Irish Republican volunteer. A member of the Irish Republican Army and later the Official Irish Republican Army, he was active in politics from the early 1960s and was involved in the early years of the unrest in Northern Ireland. He was shot dead after being confronted by the RUC Special Brigade and British paratroopers in 1972.

Two former paratroopers charged with the murder of official IRA leader Joe McCann during the Northern Ireland riots were formally acquitted after prosecutors offered no further evidence in Belfast Crown Court.

It came after previous statements the two men had made years ago were declared inadmissible last week, collapsing the case.

The court heard that the prosecution accepted that if the charges against the defendants were excluded they should rule, but had until 2:00 p.m. today to consider an appeal.

But they told Judge O’Hara this afternoon that they offered nothing more, ending the controversial case against him.

The judge had previously described as “ remarkable ” the fact that the former soldiers had been indicted for the murder of Joe McCann, 24, based on a report from a police legacy unit, the Task Force. Historical Investigations (HET), and not as a result of a follow-up criminal investigation by the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI).

This was despite the fact that the HET told the court this week, that he was sitting without a jury for fear of manipulation, that he did not believe there was any evidence to reopen the case.

The proceedings against the paramilitaries, who are 70 years old and have no recollection of the shooting after suffering a stroke, had been described by critics as a political witch hunt.

It only came to court after Northern Ireland Attorney General John Larkin referred it to Director of Public Prosecution Stephen Herron. This was the case despite the soldiers being told after the shooting that they would not be prosecuted.

Even as recently as 2010, when they agreed to assist the HET in the understanding that it was to help the McCann family achieve closure, they were told again that there would be no prosecution for it.

How old is Joe McCann?

Born: November 2, 1947, Belfast, United Kingdom
Died: April 15, 1972, Belfast, United Kingdom

Personal life

McCann married Anne McKnight, who came from a strong Republican family in the Markets area of Belfast. Anne’s older brother, Bobby, was part of the 1956-1962 border campaign and was arrested and jailed, then interned. Anne’s brother Seán sided with the Provisionals after the 1969 split and went on to represent South Belfast for Sinn Féin.

Suspect and Murder

Judge O’Hara said during a low-key hearing on the admissibility issue: “ One of the notable features of the case is that after the HET interviews they were not interviewed by the PSNI, they were not arrested, but they are in court. the murder trial.

He today ruled: ‘What was required in this case, and what never happened, was that the PSNI should have interviewed the defendant with special caution to suspect a crime of murder.

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“If that had been done, and if they had been admitted, then prosecutions would have been possible.”

He said it was not legitimate to present the 1972 evidence in court “disguised and renewed with a new 2010 cover.”

British soldiers arrest IRA terrorism suspects on Bloody Sunday in Londonderry

The Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA) detonated two 6-pound gelignite bombs in two pubs in Guildford, England. Police escort members of one of the Old Bailey families.

Cause of Death

McCann was assassinated on April 15, 1972 on Joy St in The Markets. A member of the Dublin command had sent him to Belfast, as he was at the top of the RUC Special Brigade’s wanted list. The official command of the IRA Belfast told him to return for his own safety to Dublin. However, he ignored his requests and remained in Belfast.

The RUC Special Brigade was aware of his presence in Belfast and was looking for him. The morning of his death, he was discovered by a RUC officer who reported his whereabouts to the British Parachute Regiment, which at the time was carrying out a roadblock in the vicinity. The RUC officer approached McCann and informed him that he was in custody. McCann was unarmed and tried to run to evade arrest when he confronted the soldiers. He was shot dead at the corner of Joy Street and Hamilton Street after a foot chase through the markets.

McCann was wounded 3 times according to the pathology report, the fatal shot hit him in the buttock and pierced his internal organs. Ten cartridges were found near his body, indicating that he had been repeatedly shot at point-blank range. Bullet holes were also visible in the walls of nearby houses.

McCann was the leader of the most militant of the OIRA members in Belfast and was far more enthusiastic about the use of “armed struggle” in Northern Ireland than the OIRA leadership. His death was closely followed by the organization that called for a ceasefire. As a result, it was rumored that the reason McCann was unarmed when he was assassinated was that the official leadership had confiscated his personal weapon, a . pistol. Some former OIRA members have even alleged that McCann’s assassination was orchestrated by their Dublin leaders.

Joe McCann Quicks and Facts

  • Judge said the statements could not be used in the case against the two men
  • He said it was ‘remarkable’ that two ex-soldiers weren’t interviewed by the PSNI 
  • Joe McCann, 24, was shot dead as he ran from police and Army in Belfast in 1972

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