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Breaking: Joe Loffreno Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Joe Loffreno Wiki-  Joe Loffreno      Biography

Joe Loffreno has worked in the wild and rugged Japanese end of Longy Island, now known as Camp Hero State Park for 18 years. He is aware of the eerie, deserted military base that supposedly inspired the Netflix series “Stranger Things” more than most.

“It is a place that has dominated my life and my nightmares,” he reported to The Publish.

The deserted WWII radar tower and surrounding Camp Hero

Many Montauk locals scoff at stories that Camp Hero is the positioning of secret authority experiments involving thought management, time travel, wormholes, teleportation, and hooked children much like cables in hidden underground labs.

The rumors continued into 1992, 11 years after the army base at Camp Hero was closed. A guide (now widely discredited) referred to as “The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time” by Preston Nichols reports on sinister Nazi-style experiments that meddled, genetically and psychologically, with abducted native children.

Paul Fagan, spent 14 years exploring Camp


Another native, Paul Fagan, spent 14 years exploring Camp Hero and thoroughly investigating the authorities’ paperwork at the Nationwide Archives in Manhattan.

He informed The Publish that there could also be a nuclear reactor secretly buried on the website, put up in 1958 as part of the Cold Battle era Military Nuclear Power Program. Fagan suspects that conspiracy theories about Camp Hero could have been planted to divert the feasible reactor.

” Loffreno informed The Publish

“I didn’t imagine it until two years ago,” Loffreno informed The Publish. “I used to be hypnotized [by a certified hypnotist] for about 40 minutes and all these memories flooded back. They made us a really dangerous factor in the market. We have just been little young people. That they had no right to experiment with us. It was a really dark and very evil factor. ”

He believes he was abducted and abused during the 1980 summer season and presumably during the 1981 summer season, when he was 12 or 13 years old. He remembered under hypnosis {that a} native boy whom no one knew very well invited him to ride a bike in the background.

Filmmaker Christopher Garetano, who grew up close to Montauk

Filmmaker Christopher Garetano, who grew up near Montauk, made the 2014 documentary “Montauk Chronicles” detailing the allegations of three men, Nichols, Al Bielek and Stewart Swerdlow, who say they have been brainwashed and forced to participate. in opposition to your willingness to participate. in experiments at Camp Hero between 1971 and 1983.

In the 1970s and 1980s, Nichols led a thing called a “psychotronic movement” which claimed that law enforcement officials used electromagnetic waves to plant ideas in people’s heads. Nichols, who died two years ago, claimed he was part of the so-called Montauk Venture, but regained his memories only after the fact.

The Montauk Lighthouse close to Camp Hero

The military designed the bottom to look like a fishing village, even though the soldiers actually lived there, to make the Nazis dumb. A “church” that was truly a gym for officers’ stays, however, a number of Cape Cod-style houses have been demolished. After the conflict, Air Drive took over the positioning and shut it down in 1981. At that point, according to the books by Nichols and several different researchers, strange problems began to occur.

“I imagine it’s entirely possible that [the human experiment stories are] true,” said Peter Bové, a former Manhattan government promoter and creator of the novel “Montauk Time.”

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