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Breaking: Joe DiMeo Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Joe DiMeo

Joe DiMeo Wiki

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Joe DiMeo, a night shift worker from New Jersey, had a second chance at life after receiving a face and double hand transplant. DiMeo suffered severe facial scarring and fingertip amputation after suffering 80 percent burns in 2018. DiMeo had fallen asleep at the wheel while driving home from a night shift. His car crashed, causing it to flip over and explode. DiMeo, who had impaired vision and mobility, was in an induced coma for two and a half months. The severe scars on his face had caused the loss of lips and eyelids.

Joe DiMeo Age

Joe DiMeo is 22 years old.

Joe DiMeo accident

In July 2018, Dimeo, 20 at the time, fell asleep at the wheel of his car on Route 22 in New Jersey. He lost control and the car hit the curb, flipping over before bursting into flames.

A passerby pulled him out of the car before it exploded, but Dimeo still suffered third-degree burns on almost 80% of his body. The damage was so severe that, although Dimeo survived, he was left without eyelids, ears, and much of his fingers. He also had severe scars on his face and neck that limited his range of motion. The scars even partially covered his eyes.

His independence had been taken from her in an instant.

Fortunately, DiMeo’s life was narrowly saved when a bystander managed to pull him out of the burning car moments before it exploded. However, DiMeo still suffered from third degree burns on 80% of his body. As he slowly recovered, it was seen that the accident had left his face without eyelids or ears and his face was extremely marked. In fact, he also lost most of his fingers. The accident also took away his ability to move his neck and limited his overall movement.

DiMeo had chosen to undergo the dangerous and critical dual face and hand transplant surgery, but he could have ended his life if something had gone wrong. Although hand transplants and face transplants have been performed separately several times, these two transplants together have only been tried twice in the world, both without success.

But, NYU’s skilled surgeons finally succeeded in executing the process smoothly and gave DiMeo a new lease on life.

Surgery performed

On Wednesday, doctors at NYU Langone Medical Center announced that after 23 grueling hours of surgery, Dimeo, now 22, was on track to reclaim his life as the recipient of the world’s first successful face and hand transplant. .

“He is the most motivated patient I have ever met,” Dr. Eduardo Rodríguez, head of the team that completed the unprecedented surgery, told reporters at a news conference Wednesday.

Although the surgery was performed in August last year, Dimeo’s doctors waited to make sure the transplants weren’t rejected before calling the operation a success.“More than a hundred hand transplants and about 50 face transplants have been successfully performed,” Rodríguez said. “So, fundamentally, there was no reason why they couldn’t happen together, successfully.”

There have only been two previous attempts to complete such a surgery, to transplant the face and both hands of a patient, worldwide. Both were unsuccessful.

“We needed to avoid infection, we needed this operation to happen as quickly as possible, we had to be very selective with the donor and we had to implement all the cutting-edge technologies that would ensure the total success of Joe’s operation, and that’s exactly what we did “.

After the surgery was completed, DiMeo had to spend 45 days in intensive care, followed by inpatient rehabilitation for two months. Now DiMeo can reopen his eyes, smile, and even use his hands to write, in addition to normal work.

“I would like to acknowledge the altruism of my donor, and how none of this would be possible without his sacrifice,” DiMeo said in a self-written statement, adding that he feels he has been given a “second chance at life,” CNN reported. The doctor also revealed that before his surgery was performed, they kept a moment of silence to honor the donor’s sacrifice.

DiMeo’s healthy lifestyle and high spirit of life propelled him on the road to recovery much faster than anticipated. The whole road to his recovery has been captured here.

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