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Breaking: Jimmy Galligan Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Jimmy Galligan Biography —   Jimmy Galligan  Wiki

Jimmy Galligan is a black student from Virginia who says he has no regrets about sharing an online video of a white high school classmate using a racial slur that forced her to drop out of her dream college. Galligan revealed to the New York Times how he had been in history class at Heritage High School last year when he received a text message from a friend that included a video of his classmate Mimi Groves using a racial epithet.

The three-second clip, sent by Groves to a friend on Snapchat in 2016, showed the 15-year-old freshman staring at the camera saying ‘I can drive, niggas’ while sitting in traffic.

Jimmy Galligan Age

Jimmy Galligan, from Leesburg, is 18 years old.

Jimmy Galligan insists he doesn’t regret getting his white classmate kicked out of her dream college

Jimmy Galliga said he had pointed out the clip to teachers and administrators, but his complaints were reportedly unanswered. Frustrated and angry, Galligan said he decided to keep the video until he thought it was the right time to post it publicly. He published it in June of this year.

“I wanted to take her where she understood the severity of that word,” Galligan, 18, whose mother is black and father is white, told the Times.

“If I had never posted that video, nothing would have ever happened. I’m going to remind myself, you started something,” she continued. “You taught someone a lesson.”

The Groves video had originally circulated to some Heritage High students shortly after he filmed it in 2016, but apparently it didn’t cause much of a stir.

Galligan said the racial slur used by Groves had been regularly thrown into classrooms and hallways during his time in the Loudon County School District.

He also said that he had not seen the video before receiving it last summer when both he and Groves were older adults.

What we know so far

Groves, a championship-winning cheerleader, planned to attend the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, whose cheer squad were reigning national champions. She was accepted into the team in May. Weeks later, after the police murder of George Floyd in Minnesota on Memorial Day, protests for racial injustice erupted across the country. In response, in a public Instagram post in June, Groves urged people to “protest, donate, sign a petition, rally and do something” to help support the BLM movement.

One of the people who responded to the post, whom Groves said he did not know, allegedly responded, “ You have the audacity to post this, after saying the N word. ” Groves said her confusion quickly turned to panic when her friends started calling and directing her in the face of outrage that was rising on social media.

As would later turn out, Galligan had publicly posted the Snapchat video from four years ago on Instagram that afternoon, after having waited until he chose a college.

Within hours, the clip had been widely shared on social media, including on TikTok and Twitter. As views of the images continued to rise, as did furious calls from members of the public demanding that the University of Tennessee revoke its offer of admission to Groves.

In the weeks following George Floyd’s murder, teens who took advantage of social media to criticize their peers and peers for their racist behavior became common across the country. In many cases, anonymous pages were created on Instagram dedicated to holding classmates accountable, the Times reported.

In Groves’ case, within two days, she was expelled from the university’s cheer squad and forced to withdraw from UT under pressure from admissions officials, citing hundreds of emails and phone calls from outraged former and current students.

“They are angry and want to see some action,” an administration official told Groves and her family, the Times reported.

What Jimmy Galligan says

Galligan himself said he recalled being teased with a racial slur by his white classmates after his senior English teacher played an audio recording of the 1902 novel ‘Heart of Darkness’ that contained racist language. One of the classmates who made fun of him, Galligan said, then made threatening comments about Muslims in an Instagram post.

Galligan said he showed the images to the director who refused to take action due to “freedom of speech.”

‘It is shocking the extent to which students report using the N word as the predominant concern,’ the report said, according to the Times, adding that employees had ‘a low level of racial awareness and racial literacy’, while a Lack of repercussions from hurtful language forced students into a “hostile learning environment.”

Reflecting on the backlash caused by his video, Groves said at the time that he “ didn’t understand the gravity of the word, or the story and context behind it because he was so young. ” She continued to tell the Times the same insult that she used to appear in songs that she and her friends listened to, but added: “I’m not using it as an excuse.”

“It disgusts me that those words ever come out of my mouth,” he continued.

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