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Who is Jill Dodds?(British teacher, 47, loses the use of her legs and hands after falling 20ft from a balcony in Thailand and crushing her spine ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Family, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Jill Dodds

Jill Dodds Wiki

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Who is Jill Dodds ?

A British teacher lost the use of her legs and hands after falling 20 feet when a balcony collapsed during a graduation party in Thailand.

Jill Dodds, 47, is originally from Morpeth but she moved to Thailand six years ago and tried to take a photo on the balcony at the December 18 party.

She leaned on a fence that gave way, causing her to fall to the ground, sustaining serious spinal injuries.

Her family is now asking for help getting her home and they still don’t know what the long-term implications of her injury are, with doctors saying she won’t be walking for at least two years.

Another person involved in the incident suffered a broken collarbone.


One of Jill’s vertebrae was crushed while another fractured, leaving her without movement in her legs and without the use of her hands and fingers, which means she needs full-time care.

Her family is desperately trying to raise as much money as possible for Jill to return to the Northeast as soon as she is fit enough to travel.

Sister Katie Breeze, 39, said she felt ‘numb’ after hearing the news, and that the situation was made more difficult because Jill was so far away.

She said: ‘I felt really numb at first, it was just amazing. We just feel powerless right now. We’ve been talking to Jill as much as we can, but it’s hard to be that far away.

Katie said: ‘It was an end-of-term party all day, and around 2 p.m. they were taking photos.

Katie said that Jill’s health insurance

When they leaned against the fence, the fence gave way, another person fell and broke her collarbone, and Jill was seriously injured. She fell 20 feet downward damaging two of her vertebrae. One was crushed and the other fractured.

She “she does not have mobility from the waist down, she cannot feel her legs, she cannot use her hands, she cannot move her wrists.

She “She can’t hold anything, she has to be spoon-fed and she needs a straw to drink, but she can talk and shake her head.”

Katie said that Jill’s health insurance covered an ambulance trip and her stay in the ICU of a private hospital.

But her coverage has been exhausted and she has been transferred to a government hospital.

She said: ‘Right now she is in a Thai government hospital, she has been there for about a week.

“ He underwent an operation in which metal rods were inserted to take some pressure off his nerves.

“They don’t know about long-term damage at this point. We were initially told that it would be two years before she walked again, but we just don’t know. ”

Jill’s friends and co-workers have rallied around the popular teacher, visiting her at the hospital and even caring for her with two of her dogs, as well as keeping her loved ones at her home informed. .

Katie said: ‘We got in touch with her friends

Katie said: ‘We got in touch with her friends there and the people she works with who have been great. They are trying to explain everything to us, since we don’t know what kind of care she is receiving, we want to take her home as soon as she can travel.

“After her operation, we were told that she would have to be in the hospital for at least two weeks and that it would be six weeks before she was fit to travel.”

Jill’s friends even brought her a Christmas dinner to help boost her morale.

Katie said: ‘She is quite depressed, she is lucky to have a lot of people around her doing what they can to help her.

“ When she has no friends, she is alone for hours without being able to do anything for herself, which really depresses her. A couple of her friends also brought her a lovely Christmas dinner.

Katie added: ‘She was putting things in her place to go home, but due to Covid, she kept getting sent back. We were hoping she would be home by Easter. ‘

Go Fund Me

A family friend, Leigh Hawkes, created a Go Fund Me page on behalf of Jill’s sisters, Katie and Nicola, with the money raised going toward hospital bills and taking Jill home.

Katie said the family is ‘overwhelmed’ by the support they have received so far with more than £ 11,000 already raised in just a few days.

She said: ‘The fundraising page really took off from Facebook because people were sharing it, we are overwhelmed with the response we’ve had.

‘It has been really surprising how many people have helped us, even people we do not know and all the messages that we have received. Everything helps.

They are all the girls in our family. Our mother had three girls, me, Jill, and our other sister Nicola, who has two girls, and I also have two girls, so Jill has four nieces. We are all very close.

“We are just taking each day as it comes.”

The family is not sure how much money will be needed, so they are trying to raise as much as possible.

Jill Dodds Quick and Facts

  • Jill Dodds, who moved to Thailand in 2015, was at an end-of-term party
  • The teacher tried to take a photo but leaned on a fence which gave way 
  • She remains in hospital and long-term implications of her injuries are unknown 

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