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Breaking: Jessica Watkins Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Jessica Watkins

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An Oath Keepers leader who joined the Capitol riots was ‘awaiting direction’ from Donald Trump and ‘trained and plotted for a time like this,’ prosecutors say.

Jessica Watkins, 38, of Champaign County, Ohio, is charged with charges including conspiracy, conspiracy to injure an officer, trespassing, obstruction of official business and destruction of government property.

Prosecutors say: “As the inauguration approached, [Jessica] Watkins indicated that she was awaiting instructions from President Trump.”

She also alleges: ‘His concern of her taking action without her endorsement was evident in a November 9, 2020 text in which she said:’ I am concerned that this is an elaborate trap. Unless POTUS itself activates us, it is not legitimate. The POTUS also has the right to activate units. If Trump asks me to come, I will. Otherwise, I can’t trust him.

“Watkins had sensed his desired signal in late December,” adds the Justice Department, claiming: “Unlike the vast majority, Watkins had trained and planned for a time like this.”

Donald Trump is facing his second impeachment on charges of inciting insurrection through his fierce words.

The Oath Keepers believes in a ‘shadowy conspiracy’ to strip Americans of their rights. Often recruits current and former military, police, or other first responders.

House Democrats this week showed evidence of the former president himself: Hundreds of tweets and comments from Trump culminating in his January 6 cry of protest to go to the Capitol and ‘fight like hell’ to reverse his defeat. .

Trump then did nothing to stop the violence and watched with ‘glee’, they said, as the mob looted the iconic building.

The FBI said some members of Oath Keepers wore helmets, protective vests and items bearing the group’s name and motto: “Not On Our Watch.” The agency also said they appeared to “move in an organized and practiced manner and make their way to the front of the crowd gathered around a door of the United States Capitol.”

Military veteran Watkins allegedly called herself a commanding officer. Thomas Caldwell, 66, and Donovan Crowl, 50, were arrested on January 18 in Ohio.

According to the arrest affidavit: “Caldwell plotted with Donovan Crowl, Jessica Watkins, and other known and unknown individuals, to forcibly storm the United States Capitol.”

Jessica Watkins, 38, participated in the mob that stormed the Capitol, federal prosecutors say

Prosecutors say he had a “determined devotion to obstructing through violence.”

They add: “ Dressed in camouflaged battle uniforms, a tactical vest adorned with an Oath Keepers patch, combat boots, military grade helmet and radio equipment, Watkins and his fellow Oath Keepers militia members were among the hundreds of insurgents who stormed the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

But unlike the vast majority, Watkins had trained and planned for a time like this.

‘What’s more, Watkins was and still is a leader within the broader militia movement. His texts reveal his extensive efforts to recruit people for his militia group and participate in the January 6 insurgency.

“His efforts from him were successful in hiring at least two people to attend.”

Military veteran Watkins, left, allegedly called herself the commanding officer

One complaint reports that a male voice is heard on an audio recording near Watkins exhorting, ‘Get it, Jess,’ and that the Capitol rape is what they had trained for.

‘Yes. We broke into the Capitol today. With tear gas, all the 9. We made our way to the Rotunda. It even made it to the Senate. The news (even Fox) lies about the historical events we create today, ‘he allegedly wrote.

Watkins also posted that entry was forced through the back door of the Capitol.

Authorities said Watkins returned to Ohio.

When asked if he understood the charges against him, the Daily News reported, Watkins replied: ‘I understand them, but I don’t understand how I obtained them.

The FBI said a search of Watkins’ home found personal protective equipment and communication devices, along with instructions for making plastic explosives.

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