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Who is Jessica Millsaps?(Horrific moment golden retriever is shot and killed in his own backyard while family ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Jessica Millsaps

Jessica Millsaps Wiki

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Who is Jessica Millsaps?

Jessica Millsaps, her husband Jordan, and her two children decided to check on their one-and-a-half-year-old dog, Jack, on Saturday during a short camping trip 20 minutes from her home in Axtell, Texas.

One family recounted their distress upon seeing their golden retriever being shot and killed by a surveillance camera while playing in their yard.

They saw the puppy lying motionless on the ground, and were upset when Jack did not respond to his calls from a microphone connected to the camera.

Millsaps says that she went back to the night before and was shocked to hear a gunshot, and she saw Jack crawling through the garden, before collapsing and dying.

who confirmed the pet was dead.

“We saw Jack lying in the backyard and we called him by his name multiple times, and he wouldn’t get up,” Millsaps told the Waco Tribune Herald.

They then rewound the tape just before 7:45 pm Friday night and heard the shot “loud and clear.”

“ We literally saw him get shot in broad daylight in our backyard twenty feet from my back door, ” Jessica wrote on Facebook that day.

Millsaps called his mother to check on Jack, who confirmed that the pet was dead.

“ They ripped my heart out of my chest, ” she told KCEN TV, noting how difficult it was to tell her two sons that something had happened to the family dog.

“This was her best friend,” she said, telling the Waco Tribune Herald how her 9-year-old son “just lost it” and fell to the ground. ”

“For some this may be ‘just a dog,’ but for us it is our family,” Millsaps posted on Facebook on May 9. ‘Our children did not deserve this. Jack didn’t deserve this.

The 18-month-old was described as a loving dog ‘never vicious, but super rambunctious’ who ‘loved his humans so much’.

He was left with ‘lots of food and water’ while the Millsaps were camping, Millsaps wrote on Facebook, and he had a ‘huge covered patio and couches to lie down on.’

The spacious seven-acre yard was protected with an invisible fence, keeping Jack within a 90-foot radius of the home, she said.

She explained that they left him home alone because Jack preferred the garden to being tied up and staying close to his family while he visited a strange place.


They called the McLennan County Sheriff’s Office and filed an animal cruelty report. Investigators with the sheriff’s office are now investigating the incident.

“We are investigating very thoroughly,” McLennan County Sheriff Parnell McNamara told KVUE, “and hopefully we can determine who the shooter was.”

“We have assigned a couple of people in our criminal investigation division who are working on this.”

On Saturday, an officer with the sheriff’s department gathered evidence and took photos of the crime scene, asking the Millsaps for an explanation of what happened.

“He seemed pretty sure he would get to the bottom of this,” Jessica related to the Tribune Herald. “He said they deal with these cases more often than you would expect.”

Since then, Millsaps has told DailyMail.com that the investigators are making good progress with their investigation.

She said they have refused to reveal any more information about any suspect, or a possible motive, before they have turned the case over to prosecutors.

Millsaps, a nursing assistant, says the shooting left her children too scared to enjoy their own garden.

She added: ‘Our hearts were absolutely shattered. We had to tell my guys after the baseball game and they lost it. That was his best friend. ‘

Jessica Millsaps Quicks and Facts

  • A golden retriever named Jack was enjoying his backyard in Axtell, Texas last Friday, when he was shot and killed by an unknown assailant
  • Owner Jessica Millsaps realized Jack had been killed when she checked on a home security camera shortly after, and saw him lying on motionless 
  •  Her mom rushed to check on the 18 month-old dog, with the Millsaps floored by news of his killing  
  • Jack’s shooting is now being probed by sheriff’s deputies, who say they are making good progress on catching the killer  

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