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Who is Jennifer Wenisch?(German IS woman jailed for Yazidi girl’s death in Iraq ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Arrested,Charged,Family,Facebook,Husband,Crime, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Jennifer Wenisch

Jennifer Wenisch Wiki

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Who is Jennifer Wenisch ?

A German Muslim convert who joined the Islamic State group in Iraq has been jailed for 10 years in Munich for the murder of a Yazidi girl whom she and her husband had bought as a slave.

Jennifer Wenisch was found to have been an accessory to a war crime, having stood aside from her when her husband left the five-year-old to die of thirst, chained outside in the scorching sun.wikipedia

A German girlfriend of ISIS was sentenced to 10 years in prison by a Munich court today for the war crime of letting a five-year-old Yazidi ‘slave’ girl die of thirst in the sun.

Jennifer Wenisch, 30, from Lohne, Lower Saxony, was found guilty of “two crimes against humanity in the form of slavery”, in addition to aiding and abetting the murder of the girl and being a member of a terrorist organization.


Wenisch’s husband, an Iraqi jihadist, is on trial in Frankfurt.

“The accused allowed her husband to do so and did nothing to save the girl,” the prosecutors argued, as quoted by AFP.

The girl died in Fallujah in 2015.

Arrested and Charged

Wenisch, 30, denied the charges. Her attorneys said the girl’s mother, Nora, was an unreliable witness, and argued that there was no evidence that the girl had actually died. Nora and the girl had been enslaved by IS, along with many other Yazidi.

The verdict on her husband, Taha al-Jumailly, is expected next month.

It is one of the first cases of an IS crime against the Yazidi community to go to trial. The Yazidi, a Kurdish group from northern Iraq, were a particular target of the Islamic State’s brutality.

Wenisch was tried in Germany because of the legal principle of universal jurisdiction, which allows prosecutions for alleged war crimes, including genocide, that occurred abroad. She was arrested in Turkey in 2016 and later extradited to Germany, reports the AFP news agency.

Wenisch reportedly served in an ISIS “vice squad” that enforced strict Islamic rules in Mosul and Fallujah.


London-based human rights lawyer Amal Clooney was part of the legal team representing the girl’s mother.

In 2014, IS fighters broke into the ancient heart of the Yazidi people in northern Iraq, capturing thousands of women and children as slaves.

Wenisch’s lawyers had called for her to receive just a two-year suspended sentence for supporting

Wenisch converted to Islam in 2013 and is believed to have left Germany to join ISIS the following year, traveling through Turkey and Syria to reach his final destination, Mosul in Iraq.

Recruited in mid-2015 to the group’s self-styled Hisbah moral police, she patrolled city parks in Islamic State-occupied Fallujah and Mosul.

Armed with an AK-47 assault rifle, a pistol and an explosive vest, her task was to ensure the strict Islamic State rules on dress code, public behavior, and the prohibition of alcohol and tobacco.

In January 2016, she visited the German embassy in Ankara to request new identity documents. When she left the mission, she was arrested and extradited days later to Germany.

Wenisch’s trial, which began in April 2019, is one of the first examples of court proceedings over the Islamic State group’s brutal treatment of Yazidis.

A Kurdish-speaking group hailing from northern Iraq, the Yazidis were specifically targeted and oppressed by jihadists beginning in 2015.

Noted London-based human rights lawyer Amal Clooney, who has been involved in a campaign to have IS crimes against the Yazidi recognized as ‘genocide’, was part of the team representing the girl’s mother. yazidi.


Germany has charged several German and foreign citizens with war crimes and crimes against humanity committed abroad, using the legal principle of universal jurisdiction that allows crimes to be prosecuted even if they were committed in a foreign country.

A handful of suspected women are among those who have appeared in the dock.

In November 2020, a German woman named Nurten J. was charged with crimes against humanity allegedly committed while living in Syria as a member of the Islamic State.

In October 2020, another German court sentenced the German-Tunisian wife of a rapper-turned-jihadist to three and a half years in prison for having participated in the slavery of a Yazidi girl in Syria.

Jennifer Wenisch Quick and Facts

  • Jennifer Wenisch, 30, converted to Islam in 2013 and went to Iraq to join ISIS
  • She was found guilty of allowing a slave girl to die of thirst in the scorching sun
  • The court said Wenisch, from Lohne, had committed ‘crimes against humanity’ 
  • Her husband is also on trial and will be sentenced in November

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