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Breaking: Jenna Piscitello Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Jenna Piscitello

Jenna Piscitello Wiki

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A veteran FDNY paramedic has recounted the moment when a drugged teenager bit his face, broke a piece of his cheek and left it ‘deformed’.

Jenna Piscitello, 28, said in an interview with the New York Daily News on Saturday that she could feel the 17-year-old girl’s teeth burrowing into her flesh as she worked to load her onto a stretcher.

Piscitello responded to a call in Brooklyn’s Sheepshead Bay neighborhood around 2 a.m. Friday morning when the attack occurred, and she continued to work on the girl until they were both treated at NYU-Langone Brooklyn Hospital.

The teenager was not identified due to her age, but she faces a felony assault charge after disfiguring the paramedic. She had previously been arrested for robbery and assault, the Daily News reported.

Piscitello, who was recovering at her Staten Island home on Saturday, received four stitches and has already scheduled an appointment with a plastic surgeon and started a GoFundMe to help with her recovery.

Piscitello said she has already scheduled an appointment with a plastic surgeon after the attack

“I could feel his teeth digging into my flesh. It was almost a feeling of awe, ” Piscitello told the Daily News.

She added: ‘I looked and said,’ Oh my gosh, she ripped a piece out of my face. ‘

The paramedic also told WLNY of the incident, noting that “there is always danger” with her work.

‘When I picked her up, she just wrapped her legs around me and hers her arms around my neck and then she bit me. At first, I didn’t really realize what she was doing. Then there was an immense amount of pain, ” Piscitello told WLNY.

“There is always danger, but we just need better protection in some way, shape or form,” he said.

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Piscitello said that she is putting up with the best that he can and called it a “very traumatic experience.”

‘Physically, my face is deformed. I’m not pretty to look at. Emotionally, I am very exhausted. But I have the support of my family, friends and coworkers, ‘he said.

Piscitello plans to take a few weeks off while he recovers, but he told the Daily News that he wants justice after two other EMS workers were bitten in just one week.

The heroic first response told the media that he is willing to forgive the girl but that he will not forget the infernal attack.

Piscitello plans to take a few weeks off while she recovers and said she is emotionally drained after the attack

FDNY EMS union president Oren Barzilay called on the city to provide EMS workers with the proper tools they need to treat patients.

‘Here we are, once again, with one of our members seriously injured. How much longer will our men and women be sent on calls without having the right tools to help them? Barzilay said in a statement obtained by WNYW.

“ Just last week, more than a dozen members of FDNY Emergency Medical Service Local 2507 were assaulted, one even suffered a broken nose, another team had a knife pulled, and many others suffered other injuries. ” .

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