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Who is Jayson Lobo?(Pervert police officer’s ex-girlfriend demands forces take action against predators in their ranks after he secretly filmed ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Arrested,Death,Family,Facebook,Net Worth, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Jayson Lobo

Jayson Lobo Wiki

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Who is Jayson Lobo ?

A former girlfriend of a police officer who was jailed after secretly filming himself having s*x with seven women has spoken out for the first time to demand that the police take action against predators within their ranks.wikipedia

The woman, who was in a relationship with former British athletic champion Jayson Lobo before they split, she did not know that she had finally been held accountable for her unhealthy actions until a friend informed him of her imprisonment. .

“At the time, everything that had happened in our relationship made sense, because it exposed the true nature of her character,” she told MailOnline on condition of anonymity.

“ She was looking for someone she could trust, and when you date a police officer, you think that would be the case.

“ But it turned out that our entire relationship was based on her lies – she thought she could get away with it and was untouchable. ”


Lobo, 51, who won the British 800m title in 1998, met most of his victims on the dating website Match.com and covertly recorded them on his mobile phone.

In 2017, he was jailed for three years after a Liverpool Crown Court jury found him guilty of 11 counts of voyeurism between December 2011 and March 2015, when he was serving as a police officer in the Lancashire Police.

Lobo’s trial heard how he was finally exposed when one of his victims discovered that he had a long-term partner during their relationship.

She had caught him before her on one occasion filming her while they had s*x, but he had promised her that she would eliminate him.

The woman thought that this could also be a lie and she decided to file a complaint with the police.

The woman, who was not part of the court case, said that she went to the police and discovered that she too had been filmed having s*x without her knowledge.

“ The police were great – they investigated him and looked at all the photos and videos on his phone and found evidence that he had been filming me without my knowledge when we had s*x and taking pictures when I didn’t know, ” the woman said.

They told me about text messages in which she said that she could not escape and that she worked late and that she had actually dated other women all that time.

“I showed myself that the whole relationship was a lie and that he had lied to me so many times.”


The woman said the charges were considered, but it was decided that because Lobo had already been convicted of similar crimes, a second case would not be brought.

Today, she recounted how Lobo came up with a series of cover stories as he cheated on other women, including having to travel abroad for work.

Describing his predatory behavior, the woman said: ‘There were times when I was in town alone and then all of a sudden he would put his hand on my shoulder.

“It was like he was always looking at you and could find you anywhere.”


He said he wanted to talk about what had happened to him after the kidnapping, rape and murder of marketing executive Sarah Everard at the hands of Wayne Couzens, a Diplomatic Protection officer at the Met.

“ It was so horrible what happened to her, this was another person who shouldn’t have been in her position.

Lobo was a British track and field champion who only missed the Sydney 2000 Olympics due to injury.

He would never date a cop again. It’s not that he doesn’t think there are good cops around, I just have a hard time trusting the cops or men.

‘The judge [Lobo] was a danger to women. The terrible thing is that there are people like him everywhere, in all walks of life.

“It is a scandal that women still feel insecure walking home alone, it is something they teach us from a very young age.

“There should be more education for children in schools on how to respect women – right now some men treat them as objects they can abuse.”

Lobo, of Blackburn, was arrested and his phones were confiscated, revealing the full scope of his crime.

Ex-girlfriend of the abuser

Upon sentencing, Judge Neil Flewitt QC told him: ‘These women did not consent to be recorded.

After he made those recordings, he moved them to a secure vault on his mobile phone, and in some cases he created still images from those recordings and stored them as well.

‘I’m completely satisfied that his reasoning for doing it was for s*xual gratification to create a personalized porn library.

“That was a calculated and selfish course of conduct, followed without regard to the feelings of the affected women.”

The judge said the level of deception required to commit the crimes was “staggering” as Lobo was in a relationship with another woman at all times and she had no idea that he was using a dating website to meet other people.

The judge said that some of his victims fell in love with the defendant, but the discovery of his true motives had left many of them “feeling betrayed and worthless.”

He added that he was certain that his knowledge that he was a police officer had lulled the women into a false sense of security.

Jayson Lobo Quick and Facts

  • Woman – who asked to stay anonymous – went out with policeman Jayson Lobo
  • Broke up and didn’t know he’d been jailed for voyeurism until a friend told her
  • She decided to speak after prosecution of Sarah Everard’s killer Wayne Couzens
  • Told MailOnline: ‘Some men still treat women as objects that they can abuse’

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