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Breaking: Jayden Hayes Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Jayden Hayes Wiki

                              Jayden Hayes Biography

A drug-crazed thug who stabbed two elderly women launched his first attack just 82 minutes after magistrates rescued him in a knife case.

Jayden Hayes, 24, carried out the random knife attacks in November after he developed an obsession with the blades from watching YouTube videos, searching for terms like ‘UK stabbings’ and’ man stabbed 18 times in 25 seconds on the train. ‘

A few days later, he attacked a 61-year-old woman who was returning home from a fish and chip shop. Three weeks later, he cut the throat of another victim, 71, while walking down an alley. Both women survived, but have been scarred for life.

Police who caught up with Hayes after a major chase discovered that he had been in custody for waving a knife at a police officer, but was later released on bail by a magistrate’s court 82 minutes before the first stabbing occurred.

Today at Manchester Crown Court, Hayes, from Sholver near Oldham, Greater Manchester, faced jail after admitting two counts of attempted murder.

The father of one had been treated for mental health problems caused by smoking up to eight cannabis joints a day.

After separating from the mother of his son, Hayes’ drug use worsened and he began carrying knives.

Robert Hall, prosecutor, said: ‘Unfortunately, the walk to Ms. Clarke’s home resulted in Hayes seeing her while searching for a victim. He walked past her and selected her and was seen stopping her bike and heading back towards her.

He looked both ways for witnesses, then dismounted and ran after Joy Clarke.

“She was completely unaware of what was happening behind her when she turned down a small ginnel [alley]. Without warning from her, Hayes, from behind her, struck her on the right side of the head above her ear with such force that the blow from her ripped her glasses and false teeth from her.

 Hayes on his mother’s mountain bike while looking for victims. After splitting up with the mother of his child, Hayes’ drug use became worse and he started carrying knives

Then he put his full weight on her back and she fell forward onto a blue garbage container that prevented her from falling to the ground.

She tried to lift her hands to defend herself against her, but he held them with one arm, probably her left, while he repeatedly struck her in the face and chest with his other arm. She didn’t notice her, but he was using a knife in her right hand to stab her.

He tried to get him off her and turned so he could see her face. As she turned and forced herself to lift her head, the man seemed to let go of her arms. When she raised her hands, she felt pain in her neck, touched it and saw all of her blood.

She screamed, “let me go” and he walked slowly away, throwing the knife into the vacant lot as she left. He never said anything during the attack and no property claims were made. When she headed to her door, he looked at her like he ‘didn’t care about a thing’ and then off by bike.

Ms. Clarke spent three days in the hospital for cutting injuries to her cheek, lip and around her ear, as well as injuries to her chest, face, and forearms.

But as police chased their attacker, Hayes struck again at 5.55 p.m. on Nov. 19, targeting Desma Shirley, 71, as she walked down an alley toward her local store in the Derker area of ​​Oldham.

The scene of the attack on a 61-year-old woman in Oldham. Police discovered Hayes had been freed on bail by a magistrates court 82 minutes before the first stabbing took place

Mr Hall added: “As she was walking down the ginnel [alley], she saw a man walking towards her dressed in dark clothing, with his hood over his face and his hands in his pockets. They crossed without incident, but Hayes reached the end of the ginnel [alley], looked both ways to make sure there were no witnesses, and then turned.

Mrs. Shirley heard footsteps running behind her and looked over her shoulder expecting to see someone running past. However, Hayes, without warning from her, grabbed her from behind her using her left arm and her hand across the front of her chest. He couldn’t do anything to stop it since the attack was so fast.

With her right hand, he then ran a knife blade across the front of her neck. The blade cut the left side of her neck to roughly the center line but luckily his coat and scarf prevented access with the blade to the right side of her neck and cut on the right side of the neck her. Coat. She screamed and Hayes ran off.

She did not say anything during the attack and did not try to steal anything from him; her intention was simply to cut her throat. She ran after him to try to stop him or get a better look at him, but she quickly lost sight of him.

Ms. Shirley fled to the home of her daughter near her and was treated for a 5 cm wound on the left side of her neck. Police feared the knife man would strike again and this time kill detainee Hayes after officers broadcast CCTV of the suspect riding his bike the night of Ms. Clark’s stabbing and he was recognized by friends.

He was initially detained under the Mental Health Act, but was discharged after psychiatrists concluded that he was fit and well when he was not smoking cannabis. He claimed to have little recollection of both attacks.

In a statement, Ms. Clarke said at the hearing that she had to change her hair color for fear that Hayes would attack her again and that she is now too afraid to go out alone at night.

She added: ‘I have a daily reminder of the attack due to my scars and regularly have nightmares. I don’t know why he did this, but I hope he gets the help he needs to change his ways. ‘

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