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Who is Janicke Tvedt? (I was convinced I was going to die’: Army veteran, 55, is left with a COLOSTOMY bag after suffering life-changing injuries )Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Janicke Tvedt

Janicke Tvedt Wiki

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Who is Janicke Tvedt?

Janicke Tvedt, 55, was walking her eight-year-old Labrador Goose with her partner David Hood, 57, when they came across a herd of 30 cows in Masham, North Yorkshire.

Within minutes, the former army officer, who served in Bosnia, had been knocked down and pinned against a fence while animals, apparently fearing that her lab was a threat to her young, trampled on her body. .

She managed to escape when her military training kicked in and she went into “survival mode”, climbing a tree.

The mother of two lost and regained consciousness before paramedics arrived and was eventually airlifted to hospital.

Ms. Tvedt was left with seven broken ribs, hoof marks on her chest and legs and she had to fit a colostomy bag after doctors had to remove part of her colon after the ordeal in July last.


Now Ms Tvedt, who followed a farmer’s instructions to keep her dog on a leash, is urging those in a similar situation to let their pets run free.

She explained: ‘What you are supposed to do when you are under attack by cattle is to let go of the dog and kick it.

The problem is the dog. They see it as a predator.
On the day of the attack, Ms Tvedt, who now works as a life coach, went for a walk with her partner and her dog near the market town of Masham, near Harrogate, on July 25 last year. .

It was a trail she had taken before without incident, but this time around a hedge she came face to face with a horned cow and hers with her calves.

She said, “Obviously the cow was startled at us, so she ran straight to the dog, which was tied up.” She kicked the dog, and the dog ended up rolling on the ground.

‘Then many more cows came to her defense. They pinned us against the hedge. I had the dog tight on the leash, which is what I thought she was supposed to do.

“I stood there very still with my partner, not trying to be aggressive towards the cows, and after about ten minutes of sniffing us, I thought they were going to go away.

“Then a cow attacked the dog again, but in doing so she also hit me on the knees and knocked me to the ground.”

Now lying on her back, the cows trampled the former army officer while her distraught companion watched helplessly.

Ms Tvedt said her ‘survival instinct’

Ms. Tvedt said her “survival instinct” from her days as an officer in the Royal Mechanical and Electrical Engineers “kicked in” to help her plan her escape.

She said: “Clearly, I couldn’t walk, but I was explaining to Dave how I was going to get help, when I realized I had lost my mobile phone in the attack.”

She “Then she went over the next course again to Masham golf course and pulled out someone who had a phone to call the ambulance, and then the Yorkshire air ambulance came.

At the hospital, Ms. Tvedt was sedated and required an emergency operation to remove part of her colon.

She then needed to have a colostomy bag fitted, which she still wears today.

When she finally came to her senses two days later, in a delusional state, she was too scared to sleep or self-administer her morphine drip because she believed that she “would not wake up”.

In the months that followed, the 55-year-old, who previously swam three times a week and walked up to 5 miles each day, began to regain her strength again.

In October, she joined a gym and is now able to squat down to the ground and stand up again.

But despite remaining ‘highly motivated’, she knows that from now on there will be limitations on her mobility.

She said: ‘I have had to accept what I can and cannot do. That has been very difficult.

Has it affected my relationship with

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