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Breaking: Jane Pauley Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Jane Pauley

Jane Pauley Wiki

                                            Jane Pauley Biography

Jane Pauley is the CBS News anchor for Sunday Morning and has been a television journalist for nearly four decades. Her career included more than 13 years as a co-host of the Today show on NBC and roughly a decade as a co-host of Dateline NBC. Pauley took over as the host of Sunday Morning on October 9, 2016, as only the third host in the show’s history, CBS explained.

Off camera, Pauley is a wife, mother, and grandmother. She has been married to cartoonist Garry Trudeau since 1980. They have three adult children and four grandchildren.

1. Jane Pauley’s Husband, Garry Trudeau, Created the Pulitzer Prize-Winning Cartoon ‘Doonesbury’

Garry Trudeau began writing his famous “BD” star character cartoon strip for the Yale Daily News in 1968 when he was a college student, CBS News reported. As he explained to NPR in January 2021, Doonesbury was originally called Bull Tales and included comments on social and political issues as well as the war. Trudeau told NPR that when he started, he simply wrote about topics that interested him:

The importance of novelty in driving a career cannot be overstated. People were so shocked by this strip that was about sex, drugs, rock ‘n roll, politics, and all the things that worried me and thought about college that they cut me off a lot.

Trudeau attracted the attention of the Universal Press Syndicate. The company approached him to print the cartoon of him, which Trudeau initially rejected. But after a deal was finally reached, Doonesbury became a national success and was printed in nearly 2,000 newspapers at the height of its popularity. As CBS reported, the cartoon strip also faced “bans and boycotts” due to its controversial content.

Doonesbury was known for tackling social and political issues. As reported by NPR, it was the first major cartoon to include gay characters. Trudeau also wrote about soldiers and the realities of war. He had strips based on soldiers that he met during a visit to Kuwait, which was organized by Colonel William Nash, and wounded veterans that he met at the time called Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

Trudeau won the Pulitzer Prize for editorial cartoons in 1975. Trudeau no longer writes the Doonesbury daily strip, but has remained the author of the Sunday edition, NPR reported.

In October 2020, to celebrate 50 years of Doonesbury, all the strips ever published were compiled into a digital package called Dbury @ 50: The Complete Digital Doonesbury. In a press release, the editor praised Trudeau for his “iconic, irreverent, and incomparable creation [that] has kept readers entertained – and informed – through his skillful depiction of the cultural zeitgeist.

2. Tom Brokaw Introduced Trudeau & Pauley in 1975

Pauley and Trudeau met through a mutual friend, television journalist Tom Brokaw. He co-hosted Pauley on NBC’s Today show during the 1970s, but Brokaw was also friends with Trudeau. Brokaw introduced the couple shortly after Trudeau won the Pulitzer Prize. Pauley told Ability Magazine that she met Trudeau when Brokaw and his wife organized a dinner. Pauley said that in hindsight, “It was absolutely a cheat. And it worked!”

In 2018, when Pauley interviewed her husband for Sunday Morning, she admitted that she had never read Doonesbury before meeting Trudeau. They married in 1980.

The spouses shared on the CBS segment that their honeymoon was delayed due to the cartoon strip. Trudeau explained: “Yes, I had strips to finish. And he often finished them at the airport. He was always working on the margins of family life. “He also joked,” And you know, we won’t know, until it all comes out in our children’s therapy, what kind of damage my constant sneaking to work caused. ”

3. Daughter Rachel Is a Lawyer in New York City

Pauley and Trudeau welcomed the twins on December 30, 1983. According to UPI, their daughter Rachel Grandison Trudeau was born five minutes after her brother.

Rachel, who goes by the nickname “Rickie,” followed in her father’s footsteps by attending Yale University. She graduated in 2006 with a degree in art history, according to her LinkedIn profile. But instead of pursuing a career in media like her parents, Rickie decided to go to law school. She earned her law degree from the University of Pennsylvania in 2013.

According to her profile on the New York State Unified Court System website, Rickie has been licensed to practice law in New York since April 2014. She currently works for Liberty Mutual Insurance as an underwriting advisor, according to her account. from LinkedIn.

She’s a baby! @RealRBHJr pic.twitter.com/2dDvYJx5vp

– Rickie Trudeau (@RickieTrudeau) May 16, 2019

Rickie married Robert Gary Steinsdoerfer in November 2014. According to the wedding announcement in the New York Times, Rickie was working at the New York law firm Weil, Gotshal & Manges at the time.

Rickie gave birth to a baby girl in May 2019. She shared a photo on Twitter of the baby in an outfit patterned with one of her father’s cartoons. She would say, “She is a woman! A baby!”

Rickie and her husband also had a child in December 2015, according to her younger brother’s Instagram account.

4. Older Son Ross Trudeau Writes Crossword Puzzles

Ross studied English literature at Brown University and wrote for the Brown Daily Herald. She graduated in 2006. She also earned a Master of Fine Arts from Emerson College and expected to graduate in 2021.

Ross is known for writing crossword puzzles for major publications. His riddles have appeared in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and the Los Angeles Times, according to his professional website. Ross also works as a digital media writer and producer for Fishtank Learning. He wrote that his work includes creating “open source educational resources for teachers.”

Ross offered insight into his childhood when he wrote an essay about his father for Fatherly magazine in 2019. Ross described his father’s study at his “Central Park West Co-op” as a “serious place” and wrote about how his mother would send him to the study if he did something wrong:

If I ever made a serious mistake, lied, or didn’t keep my word, I might hear my mother say, “Your father would like to see you in his study.” Punishment for fighting with my little brother or kicking my twin sister could be imposed on the spot. But the character lessons were taught in the studio.

When I was 10 years old, Dad called me into his office after I was caught in a lie about an antique teacup that he had broken and then hidden. I sat in his artist chair, tearful, beaten and spinning, staring at the indentations in the carpet where the wheels usually rested under his drawing board. “Things can be replaced, Ross.” Hey look at me. “My father looked at me with the same eyes that I have and that his father had before him: the temples bent down, slightly hooded, suggesting melancholy or exhaustion.” We can reattach this mug. But your reputation is more fragile and harder to fix. You only get a reputation. ”

Ross listed on his website that he lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts, “with an objectively bad cat named Ruby.” Her Instagram account includes multiple photos of her with her nephews and niece, as well as photos of her with her romantic partner Jessie Bullock.

5. Thomas Trudeau Has an MBA & Worked in Sports for Several Years

Pauley and Trudeau joined her family on August 27, 1986, when she gave birth to their youngest son, Thomas Trudeau.

According to his LinkedIn account, Thomas earned a BA in sociology from Brown University in 2009. He then earned an MBA from the Yale School of Management in 2014.

That same year, Thomas married his college sweetheart, Juliana Margaret Thorstenn. According to the wedding announcement in the New York Times, the couple was featured at a party when they were both sophomores at Brown. He proposed during a class reunion in 2013.

At the time of his wedding, Trudeau was working for Major League Baseball Advanced Media as a business development manager. Trudeau remained in the MBL until April 2018, after which he took a job in the NBA. He noted on his LinkedIn account that he started working for a startup in December 2020.

Thomas and his wife are the parents of two children, according to photos and videos on his Instagram account.

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