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Who is Jamie Wallis?(‘In that moment, a part of me died’: Tory Jamie Wallis tells of rape ordeal in first interview since becoming UK’s first openly trans MP) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Jamie Wallis

Jamie Wallis Wiki

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Who is Jamie Wallis ?

Britain’s first openly transgender MP has revealed he is ready to begin the transition process “as quickly as possible”, as he used a television interview to describe how “a part of me died” after his rape ordeal on Thursday. last year.

Jamie Wallis, the Conservative MP for Bridgend, became the first MP to come out as trans last month when he spoke of having been diagnosed with gender dysphoria.

The 37-year-old, who still prefers to be known as he/she for the time being, was widely praised by MPs in the House of Commons.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson praised his “immense amount of courage” and “bravery”.

In an interview with Sky News

In an interview with Sky News, Wallis acknowledged the “incredible amount of support” he has received.

He also revealed his hopes to begin the ‘challenging and difficult’ transition process ‘as quickly as possible’.

“There are a lot of hurdles to overcome and it’s not going to be done overnight, it’s going to take many, many years,” he told Sophy Ridge on Sunday.

“I think now that I’m out and people know, I’m free to start that and really go on that journey at a pace that’s comfortable for me.”

Mr. Wallis described how he had realized that it was “quite silly to live for other people”.

“No matter what they say or what might happen and no matter who those people are, you can’t live your life for them,” he added.

“About a year ago, maybe seven or eight months ago, I woke up one day and realized I’m not ashamed of this anymore.”


In his statement last month coming out as trans, Wallis, who was elected to Parliament in the 2019 general election, described how he had felt “this way since he was a very young child”.

But he added that “I always imagined he would leave politics long before he said this out loud.”

Wallis also revealed how someone blackmailed him in April 2020 revealing it to his father and sending photos to other family members.

The blackmail plot, for which they had demanded £50,000, ended with a conviction for the culprit, who has since been sentenced to prison.

Wallis told Sky News how the experience had put him “in a very dark place”, but praised the “fantastic” actions of the police.

He described how he was still “not okay” after a rape in September last year, when someone he “hooked up” after meeting online refused to use a condom.

“I met someone I liked and things started out pretty good,” he told the station.

“So he wasn’t okay with not being what I consider to be a responsible and safe practice in the bedroom, so I withdrew consent and then there was… then he just decided he was going to do it anyway and I couldn’t stop him.” and in that moment a part of me died and I’ve been trying to get it back ever since.’

When asked if he had managed to recover that part of himself, he replied: ‘No’.

“I tried to forget about it for a few weeks and it almost worked, it almost worked, but then you start having nightmares, flashbacks, it starts to occupy your every thought and you find yourself looking into the distance because you’re thinking again and that’s when I decided to look help.

“Like I said in my statement, I’m not okay, I’m not the person I was before that happened, but at least I’m in a place where I can get on with my life while dealing with it.”

Wallis also urged young people dealing with gender identity issues not to “wait as long as I have.”

He said: ‘I waited and I think a lot of young people right now are dealing with gender issues and my advice to them would be, have a long life, I wouldn’t wait as long as I have. I’m 37 years old, maybe you could move a little faster than that.

“But there’s really nothing wrong with taking some time and discovering yourself and not feeling rushed to pick a label or see it in any way, but when you know who you are, you’re ready and you want to tell people.” world, there are people like me who are waiting and we welcome them, we are friendly and we are here to help and support.’

Jamie Wallis Quick and Facts

  • Tory MP Jamie Wallis last month became the first MP to come out as trans
  • The 37-year-old hopes to begin the transition process ‘as quickly as possible’
  • He tells Sky News how ‘part of me died’ following his rape ordeal in September

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