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Who is James Lannazzo?(Racist Merrill Lynch Employee James Iannazzo: Video On Twitter, Tiktok Call Him A “Karen”) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

James Lannazzo

James Lannazzo Wiki

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Who is James Lannazzo?

James Lannazzo is currently a trending name on social media as a video of him assaulting and yelling racist slurs at teenagers goes viral on the internet.

James Lannazo is trending on social media when he tries to assault a minor in the department store and insults her. The worker’s colleague secretly recorded it to hold him accountable.

He is a Wealth Management Advisor and CEO of Merrill Lynch Wealth Management and lives in the New York City metropolitan area.

James was recorded in action by one of the co-workers, and he also insulted them. Unbelieving people like such a well-reputed personality shows such bad manners.

Racist Merrill Lynch Employee James Iannazzo: Assault Video On Twitter

James Lannazo, a Merrill Lynch employee, reportedly molested the teen at a department store. He allegedly passed on racist comments and verbally abused a high school girl.

In the video, we can see that James initially complains about the drink he had bought and eventually turns into a fight. He continues to verbally abuse the girls, even though they have nothing to do with the milkshake.

He doesn’t just stop here; he throws the bottle at the girl who tries to calm him down and sets the stage for physical violence. People are very critical of the situation and demanding that he be held accountable.

The video has been broadcast on all social networks to raise awareness, and the competent authority describes the matter as delicate since it involves minors.

Was James Lannazo Arrested?

James Lannazo has been criticized around the world after the assault, with people demanding justice for the teenagers, but there has been no news of his arrest.

The defendant Lannazo has asked for consequences after his behavior with teenagers. He had reportedly called them racist slurs and condemned them for selling him faulty drinks.

The teenagers tried to convince him of the seriousness of the situation and became even more aggressive when they tried to call the police. The victim was speechless after the brawl.

What Did James Iannazo Do?

James Lannazo has received negative feedback from the world as the video of him throwing a milkshake at the teenager goes viral.

The corporate manager insulted the teens and then created a situation of physical violence after they denied knowing the smoothie maker.

When the girls got fed up and tried to call the police, the defendant called them “immigrant losers” and yelled even louder.

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