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Breaking: James Kenneth Lindquester Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

James Kenneth Lindquester Wiki Bio

James Kenneth Lindquester, a young child has died after accidentally shooting himself with a pistol in his Oregon home, reports KATU-TV….

James Kenneth Lindquester Age

James 3-year-old Kenneth Lindquester is said to have found the gun in a drawer of a side table in a bedroom of his home in a suburb of Portland, Aloha, Oregon.

He shot himself in the head around 10 p.m. Friday.

Emergency crews transported the boy to an area hospital, but he died of his injuries shortly before midnight.

Police are still investigating

Police are still investigating the incident and no charges have been filed.

Washington County Deputy Shannon Wilde told the broadcaster that it was particularly difficult to respond to a phone call with the death of a child.

“I think if you ask a lifeguard, the death of a child is the worst phone call we make,” Wilde told KATU-TV. “It is difficult, many of us are parents. I know that some of the workers have children last night, other children the same age as this child, and it is difficult. We see many terrible things, but seeing a child in this situation is the worst.

Penny Okamoto from the Cease Fire Oregon group

Penny Okamoto of the Cease Fire Oregon group, which works to prevent gun violence, told KATU-TV gun owners to keep their guns locked up and separate from ammunition to avoid such tragedies.

“If people want a gun at home, it has to be locked and unloaded,” Okamoto told the television channel. “It is really the responsibility of the adult gun owner to make sure the gun is safe at all times.”

Okamoto also recommended that parents discuss the dangers of guns with their children.

“We should always have conversations with our children about dangers. One thing we recommend at the Oregon Cease Fire Education Association is to tell kids that if they see a gun they don’t touch, to leave the area and tell an adult story, “Okamoto told KATU on television.



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