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Breaking: James Bond Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

James Bond Wiki

                          James Bond Biography

The James Bond series focuses on a fictional British Secret Service agent created in 1953 by writer Ian Fleming, who featured him in twelve novels and two short story collections. Since Fleming’s death in 1964, eight other authors have written licensed Bond novels or novelizations: Kingsley Amis, Christopher Wood, John Gardner, Raymond Benson, Sebastian Faulks, Jeffery Deaver, William Boyd, and Anthony Horowitz. The latest novel is Forever and a Day by Anthony Horowitz, published in May 2018. Additionally, Charlie Higson wrote a series about a young James Bond, and Kate Westbrook wrote three novels based on the diaries of a recurring character in the series, Moneypenny. .

Publication history

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Ian Fleming created the fictional character of James Bond as the central figure in his works. Bond is an intelligence officer for the Secret Intelligence Service, commonly known as MI6. Bond is known by his code number, 007, and was a Commander of the Royal Naval Reserve. Fleming based his fictional creation on a series of individuals he encountered during his time in the Naval Intelligence Division and Assault Unit 30 during World War II, admitting that Bond “was a composite of all secret agents and types. of command that I knew during the war “. [2] Among those guys was his brother, Peter, who had been involved in operations behind the lines in Norway and Greece during the war. [3] Aside from Fleming’s brother, several others also provided some aspects of Bond’s makeup, including Conrad O’Brien-ffrench, Patrick Dalzel-Job, and Bill “Biffy” Dunderdale. [two]

The name James Bond comes from the American ornithologist James Bond, a Caribbean bird expert and author of the definitive field guide Birds of the West Indies. Fleming, a keen bird watcher, had a copy of Bond’s guidebook and later explained to the ornithologist’s wife that “I was surprised that this short, unromantic, Anglo-Saxon and yet very masculine name was just what I needed, so a second James Bond was born. ” [4] He further explained that

Novels and related works

While serving in the Naval Intelligence Division, Fleming had planned to become an author [15] and had said to a friend, “I am going to write the spy story to end all spy stories.” [2] On February 17, 1952, he began writing his first James Bond novel, Casino Royale, at his Goldeneye estate in Jamaica, [16] where he wrote all of his Bond novels during the months of January and February of each year [ 17]. He began the story shortly before his wedding to his pregnant girlfriend, Ann Charteris, to distract himself from his upcoming nuptials. [18]

After completing the Casino Royale manuscript, Fleming showed it to his friend (and later editor) William Plomer for him to read. Plomer liked it and sent it to the editors, Jonathan Cape, who didn’t like it as much. Cape finally published it in 1953 on the recommendation of Fleming’s older brother, Peter, a renowned travel writer. [17] Between 1953 and 1966, two years after his death, twelve novels and two collections of short stories were published, and the last two books, The Man with the Golden Gun and Octopussy and The Living Daylights, were published posthumously. [19] All the books were published in the UK by Jonathan Cape.

Guns vehicles and gadgets

For the first five novels, Fleming armed Bond with a Beretta 418 [167] until he received a letter from a thirty-one-year-old Bond enthusiast and weapons expert, Geoffrey Boothroyd, criticizing Fleming’s choice of firearm for Bond, [168] calling it “a lady’s weapon – and not a very nice lady at that!” [169] Boothroyd suggested that Bond should trade in his Beretta for a 7.65mm Walther PPK and this arms swap went to Dr. No. [170] Boothroyd also gave Fleming advice on the Berns-Martin triple shoulder holster and various of the weapons used by SMERSH and other villains. [171] In gratitude, Fleming named the MI6 gunsmith in his novels Major Boothroyd and, in Dr. No, M introduces him to Bond as “the world’s greatest small arms expert”. [170] Bond also used a variety of rifles, including the Savage Model 99 in “For Your Eyes Only” and a Winchester .308 target rifle in “The Living Daylights”. [167] Other pistols used by Bond in Fleming’s books included the Colt Detective Special and a Colt .45 Army Special long-barreled [167].

The first Bond film, Dr. No, saw M ordering Bond to leave his Beretta behind and take the Walther PPK, [172] which the Bond film used in eighteen films. [173] In Tomorrow Never Dies and the two subsequent films, Bond’s primary weapon was the Walther P99 semi-automatic pistol.



The character of James Bond and the related media have sparked a series of criticisms and reactions across the political spectrum, and are still highly debated in popular culture studies. [228] [229] Some observers accuse Bond novels and films of misogyny and sexism. [230] Geographers have considered the role of exotic locations in films in the dynamics of the Cold War, with power struggles between blocs taking place in peripheral areas. [231] Other critics claim that the Bond films reflect imperial nostalgia. [

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