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Who is Jacqueline Guzman?(Actress fired after ranting about street closures for NYPD Detective Jason Rivera’s funeral ) Wiki, Bio, Age,TikTok Video,Attack,Family,Shot,Death, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Jacqueline Guzman

Jacqueline Guzman Wiki

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Who is Jacqueline Guzman ?

Jacqueline Guzmán is currently trending on the internet as a failed actress who is crazy for commenting on something like that at the funeral of NYPD officer Rivera.

People are upset with her and have been berating her for her behavior on social media. Some people assume that Jacqueline is a vile and heartless person for posting a video of a couple of police officers getting killed.

Jacqueline Guzman is an actress from NYC who may also be a member of the Face To Face Films firm. According to her company profile, she is a Cuban-American actress based primarily in New York, but originally from Hialeah, Florida.

She is a graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Jacqueline found her passion for acting after her friends forced her to audition for Almost Maine. Which later became a turning point for her.

She grew to become obsessed with freedom, vulnerability, and artistic reflection of the world. She then joined drama school and continued her career.

After her start, she founded her own company called Exhale, Go Manufacturing. She made her debut in Korinne’s face-to-face videos, which was released on Youtube on June 26, 2021.

She has a total of six theaters to her credit including Romeo and Juliet, Frontieres Sans Frontieres, Picnic, Tough, Anna in the Tropics and Ring Round the Moon.

Tiktok Slams NYC Woman Jacqueline Guzman

And two movies and a quick video with Face to Face.

Jacqueline Guzman, a New York woman, is criticized by TikTook for her NYPD funeral tirade in one of her movies. We couldn’t find her TikTook account, possibly her account is suspended or she deleted it after such rebellion against her.

Face to Face Films

“Face to Face Films has just been made aware of an insensitive video involving one of our members, Jacqueline Guzman. Face to Face Films does not endorse and cannot condone these comments about the fallen officer Rivera. As a result, he is no longer a member of our company,” the company posted on its Facebook page.

Anthony Laura, the founder of Face to Face, said Guzmán was an actress for the film and theater company, but declined to say more.

TikTook video

She made a TikTook video in which she pokes fun at a couple of fallen officers, Jason Rivera. She said that Lower Manhattan should not be closed due to the loss of life of 1 police officer.

She went on to say that her loss of life was the result of her personal error, that she might not have done her job accurately. They killed people under the age of twenty-two for no purpose, and we’re not closing the city on them.

However, her response, however, was disgusting, disrespectful, and insensitive. People claim that they need qualified help.

Some people commented that he should publicly apologize to the fallen officer’s wife!

Officer Jason Rivera died last Friday after being shot while responding to a domestic dispute call in Harlem. He was a 22-year-old NYPD officer who was promoted to Detective First Grade posthumously at his funeral at St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

Similarly, officer Wilbert Mora, whose performances will take place next week, was also shot to death.


Guzmán spoke while filming himself Friday walking down an empty street, which had been blocked off.

He continued to pan the camera to the closed street.

“This is fucking ridiculous. This is fucking ridiculous. What if someone is having a heart attack in this area? No one can get to them because everything is locked down to one fucking cop,” he ranted.

Jacqueline Guzman fired by Face to Face Films

Face To Face Films released an announcement this morning, stating that she is no longer a member of the company. After her callous video of the NYPD officer’s funeral, she was forced to discontinue the company.

The company also states that it does not support or condone his comments about the fallen officer Rivera.

People appreciate the company for its movement and respect its resolution.

One commented: “Thank you for your efforts. Finally, the world is returning to normal. In recent years, police officers have been demonized so that a political party can come to power, while criminals have been praised. Thanks once again.”

“It’s all in the statement,” he said.

Guzman’s biography on the Face to Face site, which was later removed, said that she “is a Cuban-American actress based in New York, originally from Hialeah, Florida.”

Guzmán had deleted her social media accounts on Saturday night. She did not immediately return a call seeking comment.

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