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Who is Jacob Bergquist?(Family remembers victim of deadly Boise shopping mall shooting; suspect dies from injuries, police say ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Suspect,Family,Facebook,Victims,Investigation,Shooting,Video, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Jacob Bergquist

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Who is Jacob Bergquist ?

Two people were fatally shot and 4 others were injured at the Boise Towne Square mall Monday afternoon. Stick with the Statesman as we report the latest in this developing story

Jacob Bergquist was identified by the coroner and police as the active shooter in the Boise, Idaho mall shooting that left two people dead, including a security guard and a mall customer, and five more injured.

Although initially in critical condition, the 27-year-old Bergquist, whose Boise address was registered, has now died. Police described a chaotic scene in which a Boise security guard and a police officer confronted the suspect, and a shootout between the officer and the suspect broke out in Boise Towne Square, a popular shopping mall. One of the deceased victims was named after Jo Acker, the mall security guard and military veteran who was called a hero. The other deceased victim was named Roberto Padilla Argüelles.wikipedia


Family members have identified one of the victims of the Boise Towne Square Mall shooting as a 26-year-old Caldwell mall security guard named Jo Acker. On Monday afternoon, a man fired multiple shots at the mall. Police confirmed that two people were killed and four others were injured in the shooting.

This is devastating for our entire community, and our thoughts are with the family and friends of the victims during this unimaginable time. ”

The page added: “In compliance and respect for our community, our shopping center will be closed tomorrow. This is an ongoing investigation and we are directing all inquiries to the Boise Police Department. ”


Officers then shot the suspect, Jacob Bergquist, 27, of Boise, who died Tuesday at a hospital, according to the Boise Police Department. “Evidence indicates that the suspect was contacted by a security officer on the first floor of the building near a department store on the west side of the building,” the Boise Police Department said in a statement Tuesday. “The suspect shot the security officer who died at the scene.”

According to the police, the suspect acted alone. Officers continued to respond to the scene and located multiple victims. Working in coordination with the mall’s security protocols, officers worked to evacuate and clear the mall. The mall will remain closed while the investigation continues. At this time, we believe there was only one shooter involved and there is no ongoing threat to the broader community, ”they wrote.

YouTube videos of Shooting

A photo of Jacob Bergquist has yet to appear; there’s a Jacob Bergquist mentioning the Boise police who posted YouTube videos of shooting guns and writing about guns online, and Heavy is working to identify if he’s the same person as the Boise mall shooter. Heavy will update this story if that information is verified; Heavy has asked the Boise police for confirmation.

“The suspect died today at a local hospital,” Boise police confirmed on October 26, 2021.wikipedia

Police Chief Ryan Lee released additional details at a news conference. The chief said they have been looking for “any evidence on social media” to try to find “motivation,” and said the shooter was Jacob Bergquist. They are trying to understand why the shooting happened and why it happened at the mall. It is unclear if the shot that killed Bergquist was self-inflicted or if the weapons were in legal possession.

Mayor Lauren McLean called it a “terrible day … We lost two people from this community yesterday, and my heart goes out to the families of Jo Acker and Roberto Padilla Arguelles.”


Police noted: “There were three additional victims injured in the shooting. Two of them identify themselves as a 52-year-old woman and a 23-year-old woman. Both were injured while inside the store and are recovering from non-life threatening injuries. A third victim, a 68-year-old woman, was shot and injured while she was inside her vehicle. She also has injuries that are not life threatening. ”

One woman wrote on Facebook: “I closed my store when I heard the shots and we stayed in our back room until the police evacuated us.”

On social media, people wrote that a security guard approached the shooter first, although police have not confirmed this. “I think the security officer approached the shooter just outside the Macy’s entrance,” wrote one.


The panic at the scene was captured on video. “A preliminary investigation shows the suspect was in possession of multiple firearms and ammunition at the mall scene,” police wrote.

“He had a gun with him,” the chief said, adding that he fired in and out of the mall.

“18 spent casings were recovered from inside the building. A search warrant was executed today at a residence on Fry Street in Boise in connection with the investigation. There is also a multi-state effort underway to learn more about the suspect. We have been coordinating with our local, state and federal partners to investigate rumors and reports from social media and there is no evidence of planned additional attacks or ongoing threats to the public. All the evidence indicates that the suspect was acting alone. ”

“Two people have been confirmed dead as a result of his injuries,” police wrote in the press release.

“Five more people were transported with injuries, including the suspect and a responding officer.”


The suspect is in critical condition ”, revealed the police. “The officer has been treated and released. The Boise Police Department will not release additional information on the other victims treated at the hospital. ”

“We can’t really speak at this point of any motivation behind this,” Boise Police Chief Ryan Lee said at a news conference.

The chief said authorities have learned that early intervention is incredibly important. The agents “interrupted this cycle of violence” in two and a half minutes. “Courage, the will to put oneself in danger” on the part of the officers was what averted a more serious tragedy.

Idaho Governor Brad Little wrote on Twitter

Idaho Governor Brad Little wrote on Twitter: “Those injured in today’s unthinkable shooting at the Boise Towne Square Mall are in my prayers. The state of Idaho stands ready to assist the Boise Police Department as they investigate the shooting. ”

The police press release continued: “This was a traumatic experience for our community as a whole and our hearts go out to all the victims, witnesses, first responders and those who have been affected by today’s events,” said the head of Boise PD Ryan. Leeward. “We recognize that the community has many questions and concerns. The Boise Police Department will work to ensure that we provide information to the community as quickly as possible in conjunction with our investigators and prosecutors. ”

“With the closure of the Boise Towne Square Mall, anyone who needs to recover the items left in the mall will be able to do so tomorrow. More information about this will be shared on BPD’s Twitter and Facebook. The scene is safe at the moment and no one will be able to enter tonight. ”

Boise Towne Square wrote on Facebook

Boise Towne Square wrote on Facebook: “We are heartbroken and are working closely with the Boise Police Department as they investigate the circumstances that led to this terrible tragedy. We appreciate your quick response and your continued collaboration.

One woman wrote in the comment thread: “A huge thank you to your staff members for doing their part in caring for those involved. They went out of their way to help and protect their clients. Everyone who works in that area is better off getting the biggest bonus of their lives. “

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