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Breaking: Jackie Weaver Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Jackie Weaver

Jackie Weaver Wiki

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Jackie Weaver received an email calling her a ‘full-fledged c ***’ who ‘shouldn’t let out of a burning building.

An edited seven-minute bundle of highlights from the council’s planning committee’s December meeting captured a multitude of chaos, including the moment Acting Secretary Jackie, 63, ousted council president Brian Tolver after that he told her that she “ has no authority ” and ordered her to ‘stop talking’.

But in the latest developments since the video went viral, Ms Weaver from Shropshire told The Mirror that she has been abused online.Jackie Weaver, 63, (pictured) says she has been abused online since a seven-minute highlight video of a Handforth Parish Council meeting went viral

During the meeting, Ms. Weaver was accused of “having no authority here” and subsequently removed Brian Tolver from the meeting +6

The December council planning committee meeting captured a multitude of chaos in which council president Brian Tolver (pictured) ordered Jackie to “ stop talking. ”

The Cheshire Police are now said to be investigating the abusive messages, described as “malicious communications.”

Abusive emails sent to Jackie and her colleagues have since been referred to the police and Cheshire officers have launched a probe into the messages

Council factions backing Tolver claimed that he had no right to kick the chairman out of the Zoom meeting.

But Jackie, who chairs the Cheshire Local Councilors Association, has since insisted that he did so because the meeting was not called by the president or the official secretary of the council.

Her action has won her wide support, with Jackie’s husband, Stuart Weaver, 69, a retired design engineer, telling MailOnline that he is “proud” of her wife for standing up to them. .

Jackie, who has worked with the Handforth Parish Council on and off for nine years, says the hostility from Tolver’s advisory faction came as no surprise.

Councilors Cynthia Samson, John Smith and Susan Moore, who can be seen in the zoom, asked Jackie to act as secretary at the meeting because the formal secretary of the council had been suspended by Tolver.

Jackie said that “ she thought something might start ” so she took on the role of herself, rather than passing it on to someone younger.

In a normal parish council meeting, her Jackie would not have the authority to remove someone, but because she was summoned by two coucillors, who risked having the audience ‘kidnapped’, she says yes.

The small town of Handforth in Cheshire, close to Manchester Airport, is known for its gigantic M&S and its quiet suburban streets – but many residents now know that its parish council is split by infighting and a battle for power

Jackie previously admitted that “there is an element of harassment and misbehavior in local councils,” and Councilor Peter Moore, 70, one of those who participated in Zoom’s call, described the Handforth Parish Council as a “cave of harassment “.

Jackie told MailOnline: ‘I had the authority to kick them out of the call. They scream all the statements about it being illegal, but I have been doing this for 25 years.

‘If it had been a normal parish meeting, I would not have had the authority to do it.

“But it was not summoned by the secretary, it was not summoned by the president, it was summoned by two councilors and, therefore, when someone interrupted that meeting, I felt perfectly justified in throwing them out.”

The dispute began several months ago between two warring camps within the parish council with four on one side and three on the other.

A councilwoman, Jean Thompson, was fired because she did not attend meetings for six months.

She left the council divided, with three councilors from each side: the president, Mr. Tolver, Aled Brewerton and Barry Burkhill against Mr. Smith, Mrs. Samson and Mrs. Moore.

Tolver was kicked out of the pre-Christmas hearing, the second meeting in a row, after he accused rival councilors of illegally summoning her and yelling, ‘You have no authority here, Jackie Weaver! NO AUTHORITY! and repeatedly telling him to “stop talking.”

Jackie, acting as a secretary, kicked him out of Zoom for being “disruptive.” She was not in charge of the previous meeting when Mr. Tolver was expelled.

In response, Tolver’s allied advisor, Mr. Brewerton, is shown angrily yelling at Ms. Weaver as she tries to elect a new president: ‘No, they can’t because the vice president is here! I take responsability! Read the standing orders. Read them and understand them! ‘.


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