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Who is Irina Sotulenko? (Naked Model Arrested For Dubai Photoshoot) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Irina Sotulenko

Irina Sotulenko Wiki

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A model arrested during a nude photoshoot in Dubai fucked an American “d ** k total” playboy who allegedly forced her to pose nude, and then posted the photos of her on Instagram.

Irina Sotulenko, 23, is the first participant to speak about the shocking video and nude photos. She is now detained in the United Arab Emirates.

Her lawyer and her boyfriend expressed “deep concern” for her and the other women who are about to be returned to Ukraine but are still out of this world.

In audio and video messages sent to her boyfriend before her arrest, the model spoke of her anger at 41-year-old Vitaliy Grechin, the wealthy Ukrainian-American who organized the coup.

Irina accused the man of allowing the images in bold to be uploaded and ordered the Dubai police to arrest most of the group.

The nude model told how she fled to the airport to return home, but the authorities ordered her to return to the city and tell the police that she would be free to leave.

But she was later arrested and after calling her parents, despite the apparent agreement with the Ukrainian authorities that she will be released today, she cannot be reached.

The women’s families are still waiting to be released tonight.

Grechin, who can be seen in one photo playing the piano surrounded by 20 naked women, was arrested shortly after the balcony photo was taken and uploaded at an elite resort in Dubai, she said.

She had previously been photographed under several famous names, including Barack Obama, whose financial donation she was, Hillary Clinton, George Clooney, and Sylvester Stallone.

“It’s all because of the assholes who had the idea to upload it to Instagram,” Irina said.

“It’s just … Vitaliy … Grechin … you’re a total idiot …

“He’s a grown man, how can he be so stupid?”

Irina claimed that she was “forced” to go out onto the balcony, otherwise they would not have been paid to play the role of models.

She said: “I told you that we are in an Arab country, don’t show us.

“But damn it, they made us go out onto that balcony, we took pictures and God knows what will happen next.”

“You brought in a professional photographer. Well, Grechin also took photos himself, but there was also a photographer.

video message

In a video message to her boyfriend, she told him: “They forced us to go to the balcony of another hotel. They photographed us naked on the balcony.

“Someone took a photo of another building. Now Vitaly has been called (to the police) and it looks like they are going to send him to jail.

He later went to the Dubai airport hoping to return home, but she wrote that he would have to return for an interview with the police.

With tears in her eyes, she said: “Apparently they told us they would solve the problem. There is knowledge in the police and everything will be fine.

He said he saw Grechin, the organizer and financier of the trip to Dubai, when he was “escorted by the police.”

Her friend Vitaly, 30, who works in TI, said that Irina knew she was going to Dubai for a nude session, but did not know she would be in a public place, leading to accusations of indecency and a crime against her that would have directed morality. Advertising.

“They were pushed onto the balcony,” she said.

“The girls were shocked and wondered why they were going there. They said, “It is a Muslim country, so we are all going to have problems.”

“But we told them: ‘Don’t forget who pays, go out on the balcony.’ So they went out onto the balcony and took their photos. ”

A few hours later, Grechin and other organizers of the bizarre shoot were arrested after the photos were uploaded, he said.

Some of the girls were shocked and immediately bought tickets to leave the country.

Those who weren’t told to leave, but first had to present a statement to the police, Irina’s friend said.

However, they were apparently duped when they were taken to jail upon their return to the hotel.

Vitaly said that he encouraged her to take the trip, that it was a job opportunity for her girlfriend.

He said, “She is a great girl. They invited her there as a nude model, she went there, I didn’t care.

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