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Who is Irina Akhmatova? Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Irina Akhmatova

Irina Akhmatova Wiki

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Who is Irina Akhmatova?

Irina Akhmatova was a Burger King boss, who was raped and murdered by a convicted sexual beast after she took him on a ride-sharing app.

Akhmatova’s naked body was found buried in a forest after she was strangled by 42-year-old former special services soldier Vitaly Chikirev.

Chikirev, who was previously jailed for a brutal sexual assault, used a fake profile on the BlaBlaCar car-sharing app to trick the woman into taking him to his hometown of Tula, a court said.

How old is Irina Akhmatova?

She was 29 years old.

Irina Akhmatova raped and murdered

Akhmatova had been missing for a week when Chikirev, a father of four, was arrested and later confessed on camera that he had killed her.

During the investigation, she admitted to killing two other people, including a woman murdered in 2010, but the names and circumstances have not been released.

The Burger King executive who used to use the car-sharing app so she wouldn’t be alone on long trips was a married mother with an eight-year-old daughter.

BlaBlaCar cooperated with law enforcement and contacted the victim’s husband, Dmitry, who now cares for the couple’s daughter.

The killer’s initial plan was to steal and then sell her Audi 4 car, as well as steal money and jewelry from her.

Finally, she left the car and took only £ 100 from her purse when she realized that she was conducting a major search for her victim.

The woman’s car was covered in snow in a supermarket parking lot in Yaroslavl, 170 miles in the opposite direction from Moscow.

Police report

Chikirev had reportedly created several fake profiles, both male and female, on BlaBlaCar, with the aim of taking elevators and then robbing drivers.

The suspect had previous convictions for rape and armed battery and had been ordered to pay fines and damages totaling £ 9,600.

Chikirev, a former soldier who fought in Chechnya, had already served time in prison for rape and robbery.

The 42-year-old, who had four children by three women, had posted a chilling message on social media shortly before the murder.

She wrote that she was looking for a new wife with a good income, between 18 and 27 years old, “at least 170 cm tall, breast size no less than B, that she take care of herself.”

Her message reads: “I don’t smoke or drink alcohol, I know how to inspire a woman to earn money.

“I am preparing for marriage!

“I promise: love, sex, care, comfort and inspiration.

“What I want from you, just to support a family.”

She added that she is not interested in the responses of women who are “poor, they live with their mother, they do not have their own apartment, they are fat or old, they cannot find a man, they are neither feminists nor lesbians.”

A friend said that he was a “good man” and refused to believe that he could be a murderer.

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