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Who is Indika Gunathilaka?(Indika Gunathilaka named as father who killed children in double-murder suicide) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Indika Gunathilaka

Indika Gunathilaka Wiki

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Who is Indika Gunathilaka?

Indika Gunathilaka, 40, and the bodies of her four-year-old daughter and six-year-old son were found in a house on Essington Street, Huntingdale, in south-east Perth, on Friday night.A family member had called the police at the address around 6:35 p.m. m. of Friday.

The desperate call was made after her mother went to pick up the children from a predetermined location and discovered that they were not there.

Upon arrival, officers found the bodies of a four-year-old girl and a six-year-old boy inside the home.

A man was also found dead inside a garage at the rear of the property.

WA Police Deputy Commissioner Allan Adams confirmed the shocking news that Mr. Gunathilaka, who suffered from mental health problems, had probably murdered his own children.


WA Deputy Commissioner for the Metropolitan Region Allan Adams said Saturday that a man, 40, was also located in the same home with two children ages 4 and 6; he was later identified as his father.

“The 40-year-old man is the father of the two children,” WA Police Deputy Commissioner Allan Adams told reporters on Saturday.

“The exact cause of death and the circumstances will be fully investigated and this will take some time, but I can tell you that at this time we are treating this incident as a double murder suicide.”

Communications Assistant Adams described the incident as an “extreme tragedy”.

‘It is extremely difficult to understand what has happened. We can only begin to imagine the trauma caused to the family,” he said.

He said first responders to the scene will receive “the highest level of care and support.”

Two officers reportedly had to be comforted away from the scene.


Police have set up a crime scene and are continuing to investigate the circumstances, but are not looking for anyone else in the deaths.

“The initial assessment is that this is a suicide by domestic homicide,” said Communications Assistant Adams.

“The investigations will ultimately determine if that scenario is the one they faced or if there are other issues at play.”

Fairfax reported that in mid-December, Mr. Gunathilaka posted a video on Facebook in which he discussed his own mental health issues and warned others that suicide “is not the solution.”

“It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on Facebook… I’ve had my personal reasons for doing so,” he said in the video.


‘To those who felt a difference and reached out, I thank you. Many of those calls and messages have gone unanswered and I apologize, but the care and concern shown is appreciated.

“People who know me well enough for long enough, I’d be pretty sure they wouldn’t think of me as someone going through depression.

“But recently I’ve been diagnosed with depression.”

The father said he was taking medication and warned: ‘Unpleasant signs of mental health problems or even depression don’t just affect you, they also affect the people around you.

“Committing suicide may not be the solution… reach out to people, try to talk to people, seek help, see what you can do before you make that drastic decision where, if you’re successful, there’s no going back.”

After the incident, a neighbor said the street was generally quiet and there had never been any signs of trouble.

“I’ve never heard of any problems (on this street),” the neighbor said.

We meet our neighbors, we say hello to them.

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