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Breaking: Ian Alan Olson Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Ian Alan Olson

Ian Alan Olson Wiki

                                                    Ian Alan Olson Biography

Ian Alan Olson of Waukesha County, Wisconsin, was arrested last week after allegedly firing paint balls at two US Army reservists outside a military base.

A Trump supporter who owned a rifle drove 800 miles from his Wisconsin home to Washington, DC in a car painted with QAnon conspiracy slogans and told National Guard troops that ‘maybe he was going to do something crazy and stupid ‘the day Donald Trump would supposedly claim power, it has been alleged.

On March 3, Waukesha County’s Ian Alan Olson reportedly asked National Guard soldiers in the capital not to shoot him as “evidence … to see if they were loyal to the people or the president.”

He drove to the capital on March 3 in a blue 2016 Subaru with several orange Qs spray-painted along with phrases like “Trust my plan,” “OMW 2 DC” and “WWG1WGA.”

The slogans are believed to be acronyms for “on my way to DC” and “when we go one, we all go”, a popular phrase among QAnon fans.

Who QAnon supporters who believe that President Biden’s victory ?

‘Trust the plan’ is also a frequently used catchphrase invoked by QAnon supporters who believe that President Biden’s victory was part of a grand plan orchestrated by an anonymous ‘deep state’ figure, ‘Q’, who later would blow the lid off The cabal secretly runs the government and paves the way for Trump to regain power.

Olson allegedly revealed his intentions last week as he was detained by law enforcement officials in his home state of Wisconsin after he fired paintballs at US Army reservists.

“I am going to cause a large number of victims” when I get out of jail, “he allegedly told Wisconsin police officers.

‘I’m ready for this. How many people need to die for a message to get through, ”he allegedly said.

I almost have everything ready.

Olson is alleged to have muttered under his breath, “People will remember my name.”

‘She doesn’t have a racist bone in her body’: Ex-colleague …

Arrested and Charge

According to QAnon’s conspiracy theory, March 4 is the date Donald Trump would claim the presidency from Biden. Historically, presidential inaugurations took place on March 4, but the 20th Amendment to the Constitution, which was adopted in 1933, moved the date to January 20.

Olson told authorities that March 4 would be “dominated by the Spirit of Christ and bring people to unity” and that “things can only be solved with the tip of a gun.”

Olson, a Waukesha County resident, was arrested last Monday after he allegedly fired two or three rounds of orange paintballs from an AR-15-style paintball gun at two U.S. Army reservists. Pewaukee.

‘This is for America!’ Olson is alleged to have shouted at the reservists before opening fire at them just outside the Wisconsin Army Reserve Center on Monday morning.

The reservists stood about 15 yards away from Olson when he allegedly fired the paintballs. None of the projectiles struck the reservists and nobody was injured, according to the federal complaint.

When the weapon appeared to jam, Olson allegedly yelled to the reservists: ‘You’re lucky it jammed!’

One of the reservists, a law enforcement officer, tackled Olson to the ground and held him until police arrived and took him into custody, according to the federal complaint.

Olson was arrested by the Village of Pewaukee Police Department, who conducted a search of his vehicle for him.

Officers allegedly found a digital camera, SD cards, a gas mask, throwing knives, a police scanner, two-way radios, a Taser, and ballistic military-style vest plates.

A search of his home de él by police is alleged to have turned up an AR-15 rifle with scope, suppressor, and seven magazines loaded with green-tipped and potentially armor-piercing restricted ammunition.

Ian Alan Olson Family?

Olson’s family also turned over several hand guns.Believers of the QAnon conspiracy theory held out hope that former President Donald Trump (pictured above on November 4) would reclaim the presidency on March 4

Officers who searched Olson’s home also found a ‘manifesto’ allegedly written by him.

‘You know I’ve been open about who I am since Superbowl Sunday …. 2 day drive, 1 full day in DC Dawn till Dusk 13 hour drive back … Came home with new friends …’ he is alleged to have written in the manifesto.

‘I’m flying higher than any of you including the silly 3 letter agencies like the dumb DOJ’ Jackass’s I call + by now it’s the whole Pentagon probably, if not this [undecipherable] will be the final blow that’ll put you all on the mat, n … to stand back up … ‘reads another line said to be in the manifesto.’

Another line allegedly read: ‘you, you haven’t heard of me yet, just listen to this ONE video in its entirety, this One Podcast, let’s say… just share before watching, you’ll understand by the end, why I say that… ‘

Olson is also alleged to have written: ‘1st day in Church since childhood gave it a shot. . . so after [they] said s *** like “Forgive those who trespass against you” I said out loud Forgive Me… For I am about toTres [pass] “….” Didn’t get that far cause preacher man [ undecipherable] me up on his shoulder and carried me out and I told him to call the copes for me… it’s a F ****** moveyou dumb Feds… Gets attention you see then the dominos fall just how I expect then to. .. ‘

‘I know at this point cops are coming, They treated far nicer and with respect than the church or Feds. . . ‘ Olson allegedly wrote in the manifesto.

News of the federal complaint filed against Olson last week in the United States District Court’s Eastern District of Wisconsin was first reported by The Daily Beast.

Olson faces federal charges of attacking US military service members and assaulting officers.

He was initially booked into Waukesha County Jail on state charges of making terrorist threats and attempted battery and disorderly conduct.

During the booking process, Olson allegedly volunteered to officers that he had just returned from Washington, DC where he attempted to deliver a message.

He allegedly told officers that on March 3 he approached a National Guardsman and told him he was ‘maybe going to do something crazy stupid tomorrow’ and that he asked him not to shoot him.

Olson told the US Capitol Police that if he were shot by the National Guard, he would know that the Guard was loyal to President Joe Biden. If they didn’t shoot him, their loyalties would lie with the people.

Without being specific, Olson is alleged to have told officers that he planned to ‘be big’ and that he was ‘willing to die to fulfill this mission.’

He allegedly said that his actions would ‘be bigger’ than jumping the fence and that it would unite eight billion people.

US Capitol Police referred Olson to psychiatric care after it was determined that he was a danger to himself and others, according to the federal complaint.

On Tuesday, he was charged in Waukesha County Circuit Court with two counts of attempted battery and one court of disorderly conduct – both misdemeanors.

Olson was then released from custody on conditions.


Q Anon began on the fringe website 4chan, where a poster calling himself Q left messages claiming to be a top federal official and purporting to reveal a ‘deep state’ cabal attempting to overthrow Donald Trump. Q arose out of the discredited Pizzagate conspiracy that top Democrats were involved in pedophilia and cannibalism from the basement of a Washington DC restaurant, but quickly sped up with ‘Q’ leaving ‘clues’ and claims that Trump was going to sink the depths Express. Whenever the conspiracies turn out to be untrue, the followers rationalize that the inaccuracies are part of Q’s larger plan.

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Jo Rae Perkins, 64, won the Republican primary in Oregon in May to run for a Senate seat against incumbent Democratic Senator Jeff Merkley. “I’m with Q and the team,” she said when she was asked about her interest in the group. She insisted that she goes to the QAnon message boards as a “source of information” and claims that the media focuses too much on the group. Perkins won 49 percent of the vote against three other Republicans.

Marjorie Taylor Greene ranked first in the Republican primary in a deep red Georgia district, and will enter a runoff in August. She has admitted to believing various QAnon conspiracy theories.

Ian Alan Olson Quicks And Facts

Ian Alan Olson, from Waukesha County, Wisconsin, was arrested last week outside a US Army Reserve base in Pewaukee, Wisconsin.
On Monday morning, Olson allegedly fired three rounds of paintballs at two reservists with an AR-15-style paintball gun.
After he was arrested and booked into custody by local police, he allegedly confessed to driving to Washington, DC on March 3.
Olson is alleged to have driven his 2016 Subaru, which was spray painted with QAnon slogans, 800 miles from DC to help Donald Trump regain the presidency.
He allegedly told the National Guard troops that he ‘maybe he was going to do something crazy and stupid’ on March 4 and that he asked the soldiers not to shoot him.
Olson said on March 4 that he would be “dominated by the Spirit of Christ and lead the people to unity” and that “things can only be solved with the barrel of a gun.”
Court documents allege that a search of Olson’s home turned up an AR-15 rifle, armor piercing ammunition, and a three-page manifesto.



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