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Who is Hussam Abu Harbeed?(Senior Islamist commander ‘killed in Israeli airstrike’ after dozens of jets pounded Gaza overnight in ‘heaviest bombardment since fighting began’ as death ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Hussam Abu Harbeed

Hussam Abu Harbeed Wiki

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Who is Hussam Abu Harbeed?

A senior Palestinian militant commander was killed in an Israeli airstrike, according to the country’s air force, after a night of heavy bombardment in which more than a hundred bombs were dropped on Gaza.

Hussam Abu Harbid, commander of the Northern Division of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (Palestinian Islamic Jihad), was killed in an attack on Monday, according to the Israeli air force.

Hussam Abu Harbeed Age

He is unknown clear age.


Harbeed was behind the rocket attacks on Israel, including several launched on the first day of the most recent clashes, the Israeli air force said, and had been a commander within the PIJ for at least 15 years.

A missile scored a direct hit on a residential building in Ashdod, emergency service Magen David Adom said, with at least three people injured by shrapnel in that attack, and amid fears more could be trapped in the rubble. Five other people suffered panic attacks.

Cause of Death

News of Harbeed’s death, which has not been confirmed by PIJ, was followed by a barrage of rocket fire from inside Gaza into southern Israeli cities, which left at least eight people injured.
The death toll after a week of fighting is now 211, with 201 killed on the Palestinian side according to the Gaza health authority, including 58 children and 34 women.

Ten deaths have been confirmed in Israel, including one child. So far, more than 1,200 Palestinians have been injured, along with 302 Israelis.

Monday morning’s attacks followed a nightly bombardment described by witnesses as the heaviest in the conflict so far, with 54 Israeli planes dropping bombs on 35 targets in and around Gaza City in just 20 minutes.

The IDF said the strikes targeted around nine miles of Hamas tunnels, which the military refer to as “the Metro,” along with the homes of senior Hamas commanders that were also used as weapons warehouses.

Palestinian media reported that Israel had struck a factory in northern Gaza.

The night of the attacks began when Hamas rockets were fired at the cities of Beersheba and Ashkelon, with one hitting a synagogue hours before evening services on the Jewish holiday of Shavuot, Israeli emergency services said. No injuries were reported.

Then the Israeli planes launched their own raids, and the IDF said nine residences belonging to high-ranking Hamas commanders were hit. Some of the houses were used for weapons storage, he said.

Later in the morning, the Palestinian media reported that Israel had attacked a factory in northern Gaza. Video on social media showed a column of thick black smoke rising into the air.

Gaza Mayor Yahya Sarraj said the attacks had caused extensive damage to roads and other infrastructure, and that he expected “the situation would get much worse” if the shelling continued.

It came amid reports that only one turbine at the power station that supplies much of Gaza’s electricity is now running, threatening massive blackouts, including in hospitals and disruption of water supplies.

The UN warned that the territory’s only power plant is at risk of running out of fuel, and Sarraj said Gaza was also short of spare parts.

Gaza already suffers from daily power outages for eight to 12 hours and tap water is not drinkable. Mohammed Thabet, a spokesman for the territory’s electricity distribution company, said he has fuel to supply electricity to Gaza for two to three days.

Airstrikes have damaged supply lines and company personnel are unable to reach areas that were affected due to continued Israeli bombardment, he added.

West Gaza resident Mad Abed Rabbo, 39, expressed “horror and fear” at the intensity of the attack.

“There have never been strikes of this magnitude,” he said.

Gazan Mani Qazaat said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “should realize that we are civilians, not combatants,” adding that “I felt like I was dying.”

The new attacks come a day after 42 Palestinians in Gaza, including at least eight children and two doctors, according to the Health Ministry, died in the worst daily death toll in the enclave since the shelling began.

Israel’s military said some 3,100 rockets had been fired since last Monday from Gaza, the highest rate ever recorded, but added that its Iron Dome anti-missile system had intercepted more than 1,000.

Netanyahu said in a televised speech on Sunday that “Israel’s campaign against terrorist organizations continues in full force” and that it “will take time” to end.

The Israeli army said it had attacked the infrastructure of Hamas and the Islamic Jihad armed group, weapons factories and storage sites.

The Israeli airstrikes also hit the home of Yahya Sinwar, head of Hamas’s political wing in Gaza, the army said, posting images of plumes of smoke and heavy damage, but without saying whether he was killed.

On Saturday, Israel gave journalists from Al Jazeera and the AP news agency an hour to evacuate their offices before launching airstrikes, turning its tower into smoking piles of rubble.

Netanyahu said on Sunday that the building also housed a Palestinian “terrorist” intelligence office.

“It’s a perfectly legitimate target,” he said.

In the Israeli airstrike early Sunday morning, families were buried under piles of cement rubble and twisted rebar. A yellow canary lay flattened on the ground.

Glass shards and debris littered streets blocks from downtown’s main thoroughfare, where the three buildings were hit in the course of five minutes around 1 a.m.

Hussam Abu Harbeed Quicks and Facts

Hussam Abu Harbeed, Palestinian Islamic Jihadist commander, killed in airstrike according to Israeli air force
The Israelis said Harbid led rocket attacks, including some that sparked the recent conflict.
The strike followed another night of heavy bombardment that the IDF said was targeting Hamas tunnels and commanders.
The death toll now stands at 201 Palestinians, including 58 children, and 10 Israelis, including one child.

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