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Who is Howard Robinson?(Fordham professor, 69, who was fired for ‘s*x act during Zoom lecture sues university over ‘civil rights violations’ ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Investigation,Family,Facebook,Suspended, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Howard Robinson

Howard Robinson Wiki

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Who is Howard Robinson ?

A New York college professor who lost his job after being accused of masturbating in front of the camera during a Zoom lecture is suing his former employer along with a student who claims her civil rights were violated after she saw the alleged indecent act.

Fordham University professor Howard Robinson has long denied that there was self-gratification during his class and claims that he was trying to send an email while faced with an urgent need to use the bathroom. .

Her student Andrea Morin, who is also suing the Bronx school, claims to have witnessed the indecent act and captured it on her cell phone.

Morin claims to have ended up failing the class as a result of witnessing the act, adding that she was retaliated against for filing her complaint, which ruined hers because she was ultimately removed from the show. She claims that her civil rights were violated.

Meanwhile, Robinson claims that he is unable to get aroused because he suffers from erectile dysfunction.

“No, I was not masturbating,” he told the Daily News. ‘The idea of ​​masturbating was the furthest thing from my mind. He was totally focused on teaching. ‘

Robinson, who was a professor of social work, was fired within days in a letter that said, “It is most likely that you engaged in conduct that violated Fordham’s Policy on S*xual Conduct and Related Misconduct.”

Robinson, who also claims his civil rights were violated, emphasized that he has never been the target of torts during his entire teaching career.

My record has been excellent. There has never been a student or faculty member who has filed a complaint, ‘he said.

How old is Howard Robinson ?

He is 69 year old.


Robinson maintains that he was desperately trying to attach a PowerPoint presentation to an email and what Morin saw while masturbating was, in fact, a “middle-aged man with technological problems and bladder control problems.”

‘It can be difficult for other people to get it. For a 69-year-old man with a medical problem, I have to deal with that, ‘he says in the lawsuit filed in White Plains Federal Court.

Professor Robinson, who was a clinical associate professor at Fordham, was suspended the next day in September 2020 and then fired from his post.

Morin claims that he watched his teacher climax in front of the camera during what was only the second class of the semester in September 2020.

Other students in the class were in a virtual break room while she could still see and hear the 38-year-old educator who has worked with trauma victims in Rwanda, Taiwan and Israel.

She said that Robinson could be seen moving from side to side, red-faced and panting as she moved her arms rapidly for about 90 seconds before saying the word “F ** k!” aloud.

After she finished what she was doing Robinson, she seemed to realize that Morin was still online. Andrea, are you there? she screamed.

Morin showed the images to her brother and her boyfriend, who despite initially laughing at the incident, agreed with her claims.

Morin complained to the school the next day and Robinson was suspended without pay while an investigation was under way.

‘This event has caused me enormous problems in my life. I have fallen behind in school and am suffering emotionally from this incident, ” Morin told university officials, according to her lawsuit seen by the News.


Robinson has been a licensed clinical social worker for 38 years and has worked with trauma victims in Rwanda, Taiwan, and Israel.

Meanwhile, Robinson says he was unable to adequately defend himself after being indicted by Morin and was unable to contest the charge through a normal college disciplinary process known as Title IX.

Through his lawsuit against the university, he is pushing for the Bronx Supreme Court to force Fordham to retry the case in hopes of being reinstated in his position.

“This process has been unfair and damaging and not in good faith,” he said. “In an effort to correct a history of indifference to complaints of assault, there has been an overcorrection.”

Fordham does not comment on any of the lawsuits, however Chancellor Jonathan Crystal issued a withering statement regarding Robinson’s firing.

‘Mister. Robinson seems to be having a hard time accepting the consequences of his actions, ”Crystal wrote.

The panel should ignore this attempt to appear sympathetic. His own carelessness and contempt for Fordham’s politics led him to where he stands today.

Howard Robinson Quick and Facts

  • Professor Howard Robinson, 69, is alleged to have been caught masturbating during a break on a Zoom lecture in September 2020
  • Student Andrea Morin captured the act on her cellphone and made a complaint
  • Robinson was suspended the following day and later fired from his posting 
  • He claims that he was attempting to send an email while using the toilet
  • Morin claims she failed class and dropped out of school as a result of incident 
  • Robinson is suing to have a hearing to contest the allegations to save his job 
  • Morin is suing to be reinstated on scholarship with $1 million payout in damages 

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