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Celebrity Big Brother star Heavy D may have been dead on his kitchen floor for two days after a suspected heart attack.

The 47-year-old Reality TV star, whose real name is Colin Newell, was found dead on the kitchen floor of his North London home when one of his five concerned brothers had come to check on him. He is survived by his daughter Rory, whom he had with his ex-girlfriend Bryony Harris.

Heavy D had reportedly been unseen for fifteen days and was silent on social media and on his phone for the past week. His brother Patrick went to his home when he disappeared after visiting friend costume designer Lorna Onabanjo in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, on November 14.

Speaking to Mail Online, another brother, Michael, said: “ The last time he spoke to a friend of his was a week ago because the two of them had planned to have lunch together, but Colin was not well and he said ‘I’m a little sick’ . Let’s do it another time. ‘

That was the last thing he said to anyone.

He was always on social media, he practically lived his life on it, but he was suddenly quiet for a while and it got people worried.

Tommy and some of Colin’s other classmates called me and my brothers to check if we had talked to him. I called him on his phone but he went to the answering machine.

My brother Patrick went to see him yesterday to see how he was doing and knocked on the door of his flat in Enfield, but got no answer. He looked out the kitchen window and then saw Colin sprawled on the floor.

“ The police were called in and they believe he may have been lying there for at least a couple of days.

Heavy D died aged 47 ‘after going missing for two weeks’, friends have said

‘We don’t know what the circumstances of his death are but I believe he could have had a heart attack.I can’t say for sure though.

‘It’s really sad. My brother was the life and soul of the party, a larger than life character who brought fun into people’s lives.

‘I last spoke to him a month back and he was telling me about meeting Craig Fairbrass and Vinnie Jones because he was at starring in the new Rise of the Footsoldier film with them.

‘As a result of appearing in the film, a former friend of his, who he’d not had contact with for a while, recently came out the woodwork and was apparently calling him non-stop which was getting on his nerves.

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‘But he was mainly a happy go lucky soul. I’ll really miss him.’

A friend told MailOnline: ‘Colin had five brothers and they’d tried ringing him for the last few days but he didn’t pick up. They were worried because he’d not been on social media for a while and he was always on social media, that was his life.

‘He always on his phone – he would even live tweet at family christenings. But he went offline and nobody had seen or spoken to him for days which was most unusual.

‘A really close friend of Colin’s, who used to speak to him all the time, raised the alarm because the last thing he’d said to him a week ago was ‘I’m not feeling very well’.

‘The friend called some of the brothers to see if he’d been in touch with them and they rang Colin’s phone but got no answer. One of them went to Colin’s house to check up on him and found him dead’.

Ex-girlfriend Bryony Harris, who had a child with him, said she was beside herself with grief

Ms Onabanjo told MailOnline: ‘I was the last to see him alive. We spent the night playing Monopoly and singing Karaoke and having a few drinks.

“ He was feeling a bit depressed because suddenly a lot of people who hadn’t talked to him in years were coming out of the wood trying to be friends with him again after learning that he was going to be in a movie with Vinnie Jones.

‘He didn’t know what his next project was going to be either, so it was a downfall after all the hype and excitement.

‘On the one hand, he felt like he had really ripped him apart in the role they gave him and Vinnie Jones told him that it was great, but that he was depressed about not knowing what was coming next.

“ I did my best to cheer him up, but then he went home and no one heard from him again.

His family contacted me this morning because they had not been able to contact him.

Usually saturates social media, but there had been nothing for days.

‘Some of his brothers went to his home in North London and saw his body through a window on the kitchen floor.

At the moment it is suspected that he died of a heart attack, but we will not know until after an autopsy.

“He was a big kid and I’m really going to miss him.”

Heavy D’s ex-girlfriend Bryony Harris, who had a son with him, said she was mad with grief at the news of his death.

She wrote: ‘Heartbroken. I loved this man, we argued that we hate each other, but we had love at one point and a beautiful daughter rest in peace, silly.

Heavy D was last posting on Twitter on November 14 as he wrote about watching the boxing and hoping to find romance

His brother, David Newell, told MailOnline: ‘He was a larger than life character and we will really miss him.

‘We only heard this morning that he was dead and we are still processing him. We all had a drink to remember him because that’s how he would have wanted it. ”

The extended family gathered at Mr Newell’s house in North London to enjoy a drink and share fond memories of Heavy D.

Newell revealed that Heavy D was found dead in his north London home by one of his brothers, but he declined to reveal his name.

He said: ‘I hadn’t heard from Heavy D for about two weeks. Usually he’s constantly on social media but he wasn’t posting anything and that’s what worried us.

“ He had not disappeared, he was just locked in the house without contacting anyone. ”

Newell revealed that after worrying about Heavy D, one of the brothers went to check on him and found him dead on Wednesday morning.

He added: ‘I got a call around 11 a.m. And I’m still trying to accept it I can not believe he is gone.

‘It’s going to take a long time to sink in. Heavy D was a colorful character and a huge part of our family. He had a lot to say and a lot of energy. His death has left a great void in our lives. ‘

His former personal trainer, Matt Fiddes, said he believed closing the gyms would have been “ tough ” for Heavy D.

Taking to Instagram, he wrote: ‘Gutted to hear that my former client and friend Heavy D (Colin Newell) best known for his appearance on Celebrity Big Brother and Storage Hunters has died so young.

“ He had a real mission to improve his health and he was making amazing progress. Get into boxing and eat clean. And training so hard.

“I imagine the closing of gyms and fitness facilities was hard on him for his physical and mental health. He lived by the progress he was making and his fighting nights.

‘It is a pleasure to be with all my instructors and students and it is so enjoyable. He always took the time to greet everyone.

Totally surprised! One of the funniest men I’ve ever met and it’s a pleasure to train and try to stay on track. Which was not easy at times!

“RIP my friend.”

His actor friend Nick Nevern, 39, wrote: ‘I am very shocked and saddened to hear the passing of my friend @HeavyHeavyd. You lived your life the way you wanted and f *** who didn’t like it!

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