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Breaking: Heather Ito Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Heather Ito Wiki

                    Heather Ito Biography

Heather Ito is the wife of Jonas Neubauer. Neubauer was a seven-time champion of the Classic Tetris World Championship (CTWC). He won in 2010 (during the first year of the competition), 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016 and 2017.

The championship contacted Neubauer after he posted a video of himself playing Tetris on YouTube, where he earned a “maximum output” score of 999,999, according to an interview with Shacknews in 2019.

Neubauer often streamed the game on his Twitch channel and posted game clips to his YouTube channel, sharing his tips with other players along the way. He told Shacknews that the pressure to win has mounted over the years because a poor performance could lead to him losing followers.

Neubauer has been playing Tetris since he was nine years old, he told Shacknews.

Neubauer bought the game with money from his own allowance. He said that his first competitive experience with Tetris was when he played against his father.

He told Vice that he entered the 2010 world championships after his father died earlier that year.

“It was this new adventure that I could embark on and try to make a positive trajectory out of a bothersome situation,” he told Vice. â € œMaybe he needed that first [victory]. Those who came after were the icing on the cake. You can’t control what happens to the people in your life, but you can control what comes next. ”

He told Rolling Stone that he first played the game on his Uncle Bill’s Macintosh 85 computer.

“It was the first computer game I ever played and it did something to my brain like, ‘Okay, now I understand what you need to survive. So now we’re going to take this whole side of your brain and dedicate it to the most amazing thing that is happening right now, ”Neubauer said.

He recalled getting a score of 176,000, which for a 9-year-old was really good. He got stuck at level 19 and started playing nothing but that level until high school.

“It was so overwhelming that I was crying and frustrated,” he said. â € œThe controller I used in the 2010 tournament had my little 12-year-old bite marks because you get to this point where you bite into the controller. It was this strange masochistic impulse. ”

Then, in the early 2000s, he posted a photo of a 980K Tetris score on an internet message board, though people accused him of cheating. He then posted a photo of him maxing out the score.

Neubauer was known for his chaotic approach to Tetris, according to Vice. He stacked blocks from left to right and quickly spun the pieces into the correct position at the last second. He told the publication that his approach to Tetris is similar to that of a jazz pianist: unpredictable and improvised.

“What makes Jonas so terrifying and domineering is that in some ways he is the strongest musician, fundamentally solid, and the lightest and most creative at the same time,” said Adam Cornelius, organizer of CTWC and director of the documentary Ecstasy of the World. order: The Masters of Tetris. “He’s like Tim Duncan one minute and then Steph Curry the next.”

He told Rolling Stone that he practices every day for half an hour. He also said that the best thing about being a Tetris world champion is losing weight after winning.

“I’ve lost a ton of weight since I gained,” he said. “Every time you win a championship, you lose about 40 pounds. It’s a fun thing to tell at parties and stuff. ”

Heather Ito Age

Heather Ito’s age is unknown.

Heather Ito and Jonas Neubauer

He was married to his wife Heather Ito. Jonas Neubauer’s wife, Heather Ito, is a world champion in her own right. She won the Dr. Mario World Championship in 2019. The couple had no children.

Jonas Neubauer was also a bartender

According to an interview with Vice, Neubauer worked as a tavern manager and also helped run a recreational marijuana startup.

He told the publication that it was years before his co-workers found out that he was the world champion of Tetris. He remembers someone telling him “You bastard! I saw a video of you playing. Why did you not tell me? “When he entered the tavern one day.

If customers bring up his fame, Neubauer would take pictures, sign autographs, and even accept game challenges at the bar.

Death of Jonas Neubauer

Jonas Neubauer, who is considered by many to be the greatest Tetris player in history, has died at age 39 after a sudden medical emergency, according to an announcement on his Twitter account.


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