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Breaking: Harry Vaughan Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

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An A-Star high school student, Harry Vaughan, turned neo-Nazi Satanist, was sentenced today to two years in prison for a series of terrorist attacks, which were suspended for two years.

Harry Vaughan was sentenced to Old Bailey after pleading guilty

Harry Vaughan was sentenced to the Old Bailey after pleading guilty to various crimes, including promoting terrorism, distributing a terrorist publication and indecently photographing a child.

The 18-year-old was considered a competent and focused student at Tiffin Grammar, one of the best schools for boys in Kingston-upon-Thames, southwest London.

Over the summer, the teenager earned A stars in math, other math, physics, and history.

But he was arrested on June 19 last year at his family’s home during a counterterrorism investigation by Fascist Forge, an online forum used by far-right activists.

Vaughan described himself as an “extremist”

Vaughan described himself as an “extremist” on his profile and said his ideology was “the cult of the Supreme Being” when he shared “clever” far-right propaganda posters that he had made on his laptop, the court heard. .

In a March 2018 application to join the System Resistance Network, a pseudonym for the banned neo-Nazi group National Action, he said he was a 5-foot-7, 16-year-old from South West London.

He wrote: “I could defend myself in a fight. There is nothing you wouldn’t do to get things done. ”

Police found 4,200 images and 302 files on Vaughan’s computer and other devices, including a far-right terrorist book and documents on Satanism, neo-Nazism and anti-Semitism.

The files included graphics promoting acts of terrorism on behalf of the banned terrorist organization Sun War Division, a guide to killing people, and manuals on how to make bombs.

Pawson-Pounds said Vaughan also searched Google Maps for the locations of schools near his home, looking for explosives and plastic pipes.

He said: “The material clearly showed that Vaughan had a deeply ingrained right-wing and racist mentality and an interest in explosives, weapons and violence in general.

“He also showed interest in the occult and Satanism.”

Vaughan pleaded guilty to a series of incitement to terrorism, several to the dissemination of a terrorist publication, 12 cases of possession of a document containing information that could be of use to a person preparing or committing an act of terrorism, and two I am taking a naughty photo of a boy in Westminster Juvenile Court on September 2nd.

Vaughan’s attorney, Naeem Mian QC, said the material described in court was just a “look” at the teenager’s “vast library of hate.”

Mr. Mian said, “eloquent and intelligent” Vaughan, who “excelled” on the cello, “had every advantage he could have offered.”

But he said his “loving and devoted parents” were “confused” after his arrest, after specialists diagnosed his son with high-level autism.

“It’s someone who has disappeared into a rabbit hole, a rabbit hole on the Internet, and is in a very, very dark place, or it certainly was.” And apparently he had been there since he was 14 years old, ”Mian said.

“This suggests or implies that he was treated … The most appropriate word would be ‘suspended’ for a long period of time and this has certainly led to where he is now and has certainly led to this. make it different in this rabbit hole that Warren went down, disappeared down.

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