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Who is Haroon Zarify? Wiki, Bio, Age,family, trapped in Afghanistan begs for help, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Haroon Zarify 

Haroon Zarify Wiki

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Who is Haroon Zarify?

Haroon Zarify knew that leaving his home in Englewood, Colorado for Kabul, Afghanistan, was a risk, but not going was not an option for him. Some people think that we went on vacation, that we deserve it. Heard that, “Zarify said.” The reason I came here was to take my dad to India because he was sick. ”

Zarify spoke to Denver7 via FaceTime from Kabul, where he has been with his family since June. He was planning to get out of here with my wife and kids on the 28th, ”Zarify said. As the world watched the fall of the Afghan security forces within hours of US soldiers leaving the country, Zarify watched as it all unfolded in front of his father’s home in Kabul.

“Everybody knows what is going to happen when the Americans leave Afghanistan and they are scared,” Zarify said. “People died from rushing to leave… but unfortunately this is what is happening now. Zarify described being in a frantic crowd at the Kabul airport as he tried to get his family out of the city. He said that while he was trying to get help, a soldier attacked him.

How old is Haroon Zarify ?

Haroon Zarify’s age is unknown.

Haroon Zarify, trapped in Afghanistan, asks for help

M Haroon Zarify came to the United States through the special visa program for Afghan immigrants, which authorizes visas for Afghan citizens who were employed in Afghanistan by or on behalf of the US government. The timeline for evacuating U.S. citizens and others with ties to the country from Afghanistan remains unclear, leaving a Colorado family with nothing to do but wait.

Zarif said that he has worked as a translator and interpreter for the United States since 2009. Zarify, his wife, and his two children have lived in Denver since 2015. Zarify was only able to speak to 9NEWS by phone on Monday morning due to a bad phone signal. and power outages. He said this was only the second time he had returned to his home country since he moved to the United States six years ago.

The family traveled to Afghanistan in June 2021 to visit the family and care for Zarify’s sick father. They planned to return to Denver later this month before the Taliban rampaged through Kabul. Today I decided to go to the United States Embassy to see what is happening and what we should do, ”he said. “There was no one there and the Taliban were in the embassy and the towers. I couldn’t give myself the courage to reach out for my own safety and that of my family. ”

Zarify then went to the Kabul airport, where he saw a crowd of people trying to break through the walls and trying to get on planes headed for the United States. “The airport is controlled by Americans, but it is out of control, the Taliban are at the gate and they are shooting blindly everywhere.”

Out of fear, Zarify and his family now avoid leaving the house. He added that his family is not the only one from Colorado trapped in the country. “Just from Denver, I know five other families, they are in Afghanistan. With days of uncertainty ahead, Zarify said maintaining hope has started to get tough.

“I just want everyone to pray that we get out of here soon. I want to get my family out of here, I don’t want them to go through all this, they don’t deserve it. “

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