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Who is Harmony Montgomery?(Major update in Harmony Montgomery case as murder investigation launched two years after eight-year-old went missing) Wiki, Bio, Age,Missing,Family, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Harmony Montgomery

Harmony Montgomery Wiki

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Who is Harmony Montgomery ?

A LITTLE GIRL who went missing two years ago is now considered a homicide victim, authorities revealed Thursday.

Eight-year-old Harmony Montgomery apparently disappeared in 2019, but no one reported her missing until December 2021 after a series of suspected mistakes.

Little Harmony Montgomery was last seen alive in October 2019.

Harmony recently turned eight and her brother and her adoptive family celebrated a birthday for her.

On Thursday, Manchester, New Hampshire Police Chief Allen Aldenberg said “biological evidence” leads them to believe Harmony was killed in December 2019, but he did not elaborate.

Aldenberg has shown his emotions up his sleeve since the case was first announced in December 2021 and held back tears during the news conference.

The chief said he will do everything he can to get justice for “this sweet, innocent girl and bring her home to her family.”

Convinced that someone knows where Harmony is, he looked into the camera and said, “If you’re that person, come closer.”

Not forgotten in the devastating news is Harmony’s little brother, Jamison, who was adopted by loving parents Blair and Johnathon Miller in November 2019.

The siblings were very close as they bounced through the foster care system, and Jamison and the Miller family had a heartwarming moment to celebrate Harmony’s eighth birthday.

Blair and Johnathon told The U.S. Sun throughout the investigation that Jamison kept asking if Harmony was home every time the doorbell rang.

“Jamison insisted that he see Harmony again,” they told The U.S. Sun after the press conference ended.

“It was a constant drive for reunification that kept us and others wondering where Harmony was. Because Jamison kept asking that question, he led the world to ask the same thing.


Harmony’s family and police have tried to keep hope alive throughout the frustrating months-long investigation until a sinister development in mid-June broke their spirits.

That’s when law enforcement at all levels – local, state and federal – invaded the former New Hampshire home of Harmony’s father, Adam Montgomery, and his ex-wife Kayla.

Police were outside the house for approximately 24 hours.

At one point, FBI agents carried a refrigerator in and out of the house and secured it with special wrapping.

Police told her younger brother Blair Miller’s stepfather and her family to “prepare for the worst.”

Harmony was last seen alive in October 2019; however, the police did not learn of her disappearance until two years later.

According to records from the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families, Harmony was bounced between her mother’s care and her DCF for much of her young life.

Police reduced the time of her disappearance from November 28 to December 10, 2019, but the months-long search has been frustrating.

That’s when police said she believed she was murdered.

Ella’s biological father Adam and her ex-wife Kayla were arrested on separate charges and have impeded the investigation.

The girl was placed in the custody of her father in 2019 when she was approximately five years old.

Adam, 31, is being held on second-degree assault charges for an alleged attack on Harmony in 2019.

The 31-year-old also faces one misdemeanor count of interference with custody and two misdemeanor counts of endangering the welfare of a child.

He has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

Adam’s brother Michael told police the 31-year-old physically abused Harmony and gave him a black eye.

A detective then spoke to Harmony’s uncle, Kevin Montgomery, asking him about Harmony’s eye injury.

According to court documents, he said Adam told him in July 2019 that he [Adam] “hit her [Harmony] around the house.”

Supposedly, Adam was mad at Harmony, who was five at the time, because she was supposed to be taking care of her little brother, but he started crying, which angered her father.

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