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What happened to Hannah Serfass? (Rotational fall meaning explored as 15-year old equestrian is killed in tragic accident)Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Hannah Serfass

Hannah Serfass Wiki

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Equestrian Hannah Serfass, 15, died Sunday in Florida. The teen was participating in a show jumping event at Fox Lea Farms, Venice.

The United States Equestrian Federation announced that she suffered a “rotational fall” that was “not related to a jumping effort.” The athlete was pronounced dead after being rushed to Sarasota Memorial Hospital.

The USEF announced that Hannah Serfass was riding a 12-year-old Holsteiner named Quaxx 2 when the incident occurred. Police officers told news officials that the equestrian was halfway through when the horse stumbled. This caused the young man to tip forward and fall off the animal.

Agents also revealed that the horse ended up landing on Hannah Serfass’s head on the ground.

The horse was not injured when the incident occurred.


Hannah Serfass was part of the Wildwood Middle High School track team. A Sumter County School District official recently revealed that she was home-schooled. However, she did participate in extracurricular activities with the school. According to reports, she was a junior jockey.

Speaking about her character, journalist Ben Baugh, writing for World Equestrian Center magazine, praised her “training, focus, discipline, talent” in March 2023.

Hannah Serfass rode the entire 2022 Winter Circuit at the World Equestrian Center in Ocala. She also competed at Michigan.In addition to being an equestrian, Serfass also competed in gymnastics through the fourth grade.

causes of death

According to The Grassroot Gazette, rotational falls are the leading cause of death and serious injury when it comes to equestrian sports. Refers to a horse hitting a fence with its front legs or chest. When this leads to the body of the horse and rider being thrown forward, it can cause the fence to act as a pivot point, causing the horse to land on top of the rider.

Several top players have experienced rotational dips in the past, including Darren Chiacchia. After the accident, the jockey was in a coma, suffering from a traumatic brain injury, a collapsed lung, and broken ribs.