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Who was Hannah Jean Elizabeth Martin?(Mother-of-two, 25, is found dead two days after she emailed assisted dying clinic Dignitas saying ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Investigation,Family,Facebook,Death, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Hannah Jean Elizabeth Martin

Hannah Jean Elizabeth Martin Wiki

            Hannah Jean Elizabeth Martin Biography

Who was Hannah Jean Elizabeth Martin ?

Hannah Jean Elizabeth Martin died at her home in Bilsborrow, between Preston and Garstang, Lancashire, in January 2019.

During an investigation yesterday at Accrington City Hall, Ms. Martin’s family described how she had suffered from mental health problems since she was 13 years old.

Her mother, Louise Phelan, said that she “lit up the room when she walked in and was the life of the party.”

Ms. Phelan continued, “But she couldn’t cope with things at certain times and we were used to supporting her and trying to make things better.”wikipedia

The investigation heard that on January 19, two days before she was found dead, Ms Martin had sent an email to Switzerland-based Dignitas, in which she wrote: ‘I want to die.’ I don’t want this life they’ve given me. ‘

How old was Hannah Jean Elizabeth Martin ?

She was 25 year old.


A mother of two sent an email to the Dignitas assisted death clinic saying ‘I want to die’ two days before she was found dead, according to an investigation.

When Hannah was 15, she was admitted to the hospital after suffering an overdose and, before her daughter was born in March 2011, she traveled to Germany in an attempt to locate her father, but “found no trace of him,” she said. Mrs. Phelan.

After working in various stores, including Littlewoods and Greggs, she landed a job as a prison officer at HMP Liverpool in 2018.

“I was so proud of her,” Ms. Phelan said.

Ms. Martin began seeing a fellow prison officer, but the relationship ended in December 2018 due to her “ highly manipulative personality, ” according to the investigation.

Her best friend Sarah Burrows described how the two women, who met at school, used to see each other ‘most days’, but their level of contact dropped during 2018 because her boyfriend’ had a problem with our friendship’.

Ms Burrows said: ‘It was a toxic relationship. When they broke up, I think because she worked with him and had invested so much in the relationship, it wasn’t easy for her to shrug. She was not herself.

‘We always used to go out together on little trips, if we just went to Sainsbury’s, for example, but around that time I remember asking her if she wanted to come with me to pick up a stroller and she said “no, me” I’m in bed, I’m tired ” .

“ We used to go Christmas shopping together, but that year (2018) there was nothing. ”


On January 14, 2019, eight days before Ms. Martin was found dead, her mother accompanied her to an appointment with her GP, John Miles.

Ms. Martin had taken some notes with her, a copy of which was read during the investigation, in which she had written details of her mental state and her previous treatment of her.

Ms Phelan said in the investigation: ‘She said she hadn’t been honest (with him) before, but she would be now.

“ She wanted to clarify how she was feeling and get help. ”

Dr. Miles was so concerned about what Hannah told him, including that she had considered ‘taking a flight’ and running away, that he called the Lancashire and South Cumbria NHS Foundation Trust mental health crisis team during the consultation.

Shortly after Hannah left the GP’s office in Garstang, she received a call from mental health nurse Cath Lupton, who conducted a telephone assessment.

Ms Lupton said in the investigation that she would have considered Hannah to be at ‘medium’ risk, but noted that she had protective factors, such as her two children, so she chose to book her for an in-person date, the first of which was available. On January 31.

The coroner noted that this 17-day gap was a “longer than average” waiting time for a non-urgent referral to the service, which is generally 10 days.

Hannah’s best friend, Ms. Burrows, said that she later told her that the phone call was ‘bullshit’.

Family Detail

Ms. Burrows said, “She told me the crisis team didn’t care and they could only give her an appointment on January 31, which [Hannah said] wasn’t soon enough and she felt like it was forever.”

Seven days after Hannah had seen her GP, on January 21, Ms. Burrows went to pick up her own children from the school, which was attended by Ms. Martin’s daughter, who was saw standing with the teacher.

Ms Burrows told the investigation: ‘Something did not sit quite right. I tried to call her on her landline and mobile, but got no response.

She went to Hannah’s house, where she met Daniel Walton, the father of one of Hannah’s children. Mr. Walton broke a window to get into the house where Hannah was found dead.

Hannah’s brother Ben told the coroner that after his sister’s death, he reviewed her internet search history, emails and diary entries.

In the weeks leading up to her death, Hannah had tried investigating suicidal methods.

The coroner asked Mr. Martin, “Did you get the impression that Hannah was considering taking her own life but she didn’t want to suffer any pain?”

“Yes,” he replied.

The investigation is expected to conclude on Friday.

Hannah Jean Elizabeth Martin Quick and Facts

  • Hannah Jean Elizabeth Martin, 25, died at her Lancashire home in January 2019 
  • Mother wrote to Dignitas: ‘I want to die. I don’t want this life I have been given’
  • Her family described how she suffered with mental health issues since age of 13 
  • The inquest, held at Accrington Town Hall, is expected to conclude on Friday 
  • For confidential support, call the Samaritans on 116123, or go to samaritans.org

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