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Who was Hanna Scigala?(Young mum suffers a heart attack and DIES after eating a dessert – leaving her three children orphaned ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Death,Family, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Hanna Scigala

Hanna Scigala Wiki

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Who was Hanna Scigala ?

A single mother has died after suffering a catastrophic anaphylactic peanut attack, orphaning her three children.

Hanna Scigala, 31, was at her Newcastle home with her sons, 12 and 9, and her daughter, 3, on January 4 when her peanut allergy unexpectedly flared around 9 a.m. : 30 p. m. for a snack after dinner.

Watching helplessly as the crisis unfolded, her eldest son quickly texted her grandparents, who called emergency services before rushing out of their nearby home.


Hanna was rushed to the hospital in critical condition and placed in intensive care after suffering cardiac arrest in the ambulance.

After scans on Friday revealed that she had no brain activity, her family made the heartbreaking decision to say goodbye one last time and turn off her life support.

“He was absolutely heartbreaking,” his younger sister, Stephanie, 21, told the Daily Mail Australia.

She couldn’t believe it. She couldn’t understand that he was looking at her and she was still breathing, but it was just the machine.

She just wanted to tell him to wake up.

Wanting Hanna’s altruism to be her legacy, her mother decided to donate her organs to save other people’s lives.

Stephanie said that her sister would be happy to know that, through her death, she could continue to make the world a better place.

She loved helping people.

‘That was the kind of person Hanna was.’

Hanna, who ran hers own little cleaning business, is described by her loved ones as one of the “freest spirited people she would ever meet”.


She was “unbelievably fun,” making it difficult for her loved ones to take her seriously, a dedicated worker, but above all else, a loving and dedicated mother.

“She loved her children more than anything,” Stephanie said.

“What she liked to do the most was introduce them to new opportunities, from archery to art classes; she wanted to make sure they could find their own interests and hobbies.” They never ran out.

Growing up with a severe peanut allergy, Stephanie said her sister always meticulously checked her ingredient lists.

The shocked family is still not sure what she ate the night of her anaphylactic attack, which will be investigated as part of a report to the coroner.

Because of the time, her family believes that she may have had something sweet after dinner.

“She was so severely allergic that if she opened something around her [that contained peanuts] she didn’t even have to touch or taste it to get it to light up,” Stephanie said.

She always checked the packages. She is amazing.

‘She feels like a bad dream. We are ready to wake up.

Hanna’s children stay with their parents as the heartbroken family navigates the logistics of raising the trio without her mother.


Although the arrangements have not yet been finalized, the two children, whose father is not pictured, will remain in the care of their maternal grandparents, while their younger half-sister will live with their father.

As Hanna’s 67-year-old father is retired and her 62-year-old mother works only part-time, Stephanie has created a GoFundMe page to help retirees raise their children and make funeral arrangements.

Stephanie said the family was overwhelmed with gratitude for the support they received from those who loved Hanna.

“I can’t describe how grateful I am,” she said, “I was really worried about how they would manage financially.”

As the family learns to live without their loving mother, sister, and daughter, she focuses on making sure the children feel loved and supported as they adjust to their new lives.

“We just hope that in time they are well and know that they are loved and cared for,” she said.

‘My youngest nephew is very insightful.

‘He said’ nothing will help except time ‘.’

Hanna Scigala Quick and Facts

  • Hanna Scigala, 31,  from Newcastle suffered an anaphylactic attack on January 4
  • She was at home with her kids when her nut allergy was triggered about 9.30pm 
  • The single mother was rushed to hospital, but tragically died two days later   
  • Her children , 12, nine, and three, will be taken in by their retired grandparents 
  • Sister Stephanie has set up a GoFundMe to raise money for the kids upbringing

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